Active Youth, Healthy Old Age — Turkey


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Malatya, Turkey 

Dates: 15—22 August 2022

Please read the info-pack.

National team size: 5 participants (aged 17-22) + 1 group leader (aged 18+)

Hosting organisation: Spor Elçileri Derneği

Czech team: Marie Koubová (GL), Ludmila Horáková, Kristína Dlouhá, Nicolas Morávek, Hoang Viet Pham (Vašek), Dominik Malík

Project report:

This Youth Exchange was full of happiness, love, friendship and incredible energy. We started on the 15th August in Malatya, Turkey and finished on the 22nd August. My Czech group consisted of five unforgettable people. There were people from countries: Hungary, Italy, Turkey, Georgia and Latvia.

The whole project led the best turkish leaders – Birol and Ahmet. They were always so kind and helpful. Firstly we got know each other through the easy name games. The program was without any mistake. The sessions was focused on healthy lifestyle, mental health, sport and team work. We played new sport called kin ball. You create teams and play with huge ball. The girls from my team were great sports women. They always won! We tried basketball, handball or orienteering. We had the opportunity to create our own mask and play drama. This activity was full of emotions.

We visited a lot of places in Malatya. The most wonderful moments were in Levent Valley and on Mount Nemrut where we watched the sunset. 

Honestly, intercultural nights were a big surprise for us! Every country brought a special atmosphere through the national dance, songs, traditions and food. The participants prepared their night to the last detail. 

I fell in love with Turkish people, culture and energy. This project was for me one of the best I´ve been. I would like to turn back time. I hope the next project I visit Turkey again! 

In the end I must give big thanks to Jana because she helped me with a number of problems. Thanks to EYCB we have many wonderful memories which hold us.

                                                                                                                      Marie Koubková

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