Cyber Equality — Croatia


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth exchange

Venue: Samobor, Croatia

Dates: 2-9 September 2019

Participants: Beatriz Minkovová, Viktor Jurdič, Alexandra Salamonová, Hana Fikrová, František Deckert, Filip Tlapa

Group leader: Irena Mařincová

Host organisation: Lagsava

Participating countries: Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Italy and Lithuania

Please read the info-pack a activities description

Project report: 

Project Cyber equality in croatian Samobor was good inspiration for participants to think of gender issues in media as well as in everyday life. We were concentrated mainly about the idea about swapping gender roles, what still feels “normal” and what creates different kind of reactions. Together, we started new hashtag, created videos, talked to strangers on the street about their opinion.
We have been a great international group of people who are not afraid to go against “normality”.
Irena Mařincová

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