Alone! No More! — Turkey


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training course 

Venue: Çanakkale, Turkey

Dates: 7-15 December 2018

Participants: Adéla Zatloukalová, Natálie Košťálová, Michael Studenič, Matěj Keka

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Hosting organisation: Esenler Youth and Sport Association

Participating countries: CR, Spain, Macedonia, France, Italy, Greece, Romania, Turkey

Project report:

From 7th to 15th December 2018, our Czech group, consisting of Adéla, Matěj, Michael and Natálie took part in a project titled “Alone! No More!” The project took place in a town called Canakkale, located in the western part of Turkey. Other than us and Turkish participants, there were also participants from Macedonia, France, Spain, Italy, Greece and Romania. The main topic of the project was migration, refugees and integration.


After a long day full of traveling, where we managed to go in a single day from Morava to Prague to Istanbul and then Canakkale, we were ready to start the project. In this cute little seaside town, we spent unforgettable 8 days, full of various activities and workshops, where we used our knowledge of migration and certainly gained some information too. During the first half of the week, we presented the situation of migration in our countries and engaged in interesting discussions. There was also a city rally, where we talked with the locals and tried to get their opinion on different topics. One day, we met with the politicians from local municipality, where they explained us what exactly they are doing to tackle the problems they come in contact with. To be honest, every day was filled to the maximum.


In the second half of the week, we were doing more interactive work. We spent an afternoon with a teacher from a local university, as well as with volunteers from a local NGO. There was also a cultural night, where we could taste food and drinks from all the countries that participated. Near the end of the project, we spent a day in Troy, exploring the ancient history of the places we were visiting. On the last day, we spent the evening giving feedback, evaluating and finding a way how to make future projects even better.


Overall, I think that this project gave us a lot of food for thought and that the lovely town of Canakkale with the view on the sea created an unforgettable atmosphere that will stay in our hearts forever.

Michael Studenič

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