Anxiety in You(th) and EU — Estonia


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Taevaskoja, Estonia

Dates: 17—26 September 2021

Host organisation:  NEA MTÜ

Participating countries: Estonia, Latvia, Romania, Czech Republic, Greece and Spain

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Czech participants: Oldřiška Dobešová (GL), Karolina Sikorová, Markéta Rambousková, Petra Stupková, Klára Jonášová

Project report: 

Once upon a time 30 people from 6 European countries went for a walk to the pitch black Estonian woods in the middle of nowhere. That it sounds like a great beginning of some horror novel? Not at all! It’s in fact our magical experience that we had on a youth Exchange called Anxiety in You(th) and EU. This project took place in Taevaskoja which is a small Estonian village surrounded by beautiful nature. We shared this experience with 5 people from every participant country, which were Czechia, Estonia, Romania, Greece, Latvia and Spain. The aim of the project was to raise awareness about anxiety in youth and also to learn how to recognize it and to cope with it.  Every national team prepared a workshop to present their knowledge and experience with anxiety and also to show others some methods on how to deal with anxiety. But we weren’t the only ones presenting our experience, because one day we had a special guest – a sports psychologist that gave a very interesting more theory-based presentation. But the project wasn’t just about anxiety, we also engaged in fun team building activities that helped to create an open and friendly atmosphere in which no one was afraid to talk about their personal experience. After these self-developing days we had great fun enjoying lively intercultural nights when every national team presented fun facts about their country as well as their national drinks and delicious food. One evening we even had a well deserved sauna night and BBQ after a nice hike through Estonian forest. The 10 days of the project flew by and from this experience we took away new friends, knowledge about anxiety and Erasmus+ opportunities and motivation to carry out our project aimed at raising awareness about anxiety in youth in Czechia. Nothing would be possible without the hard work of the organizator Eric and also EYCB that is providing us with these great opportunities.

                                                                                                                           Oldřiška Dobešová


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