Anxiety in You(th) and EU — Estonia


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Taevaskoja, Estonia

Dates: 17—26 September 2021

Participants: 4+1GL

Host organisation:  NEA MTÜ

Participating countries: Estonia, Latvia, Romania, Czech Republic, Greece and Spain

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Project info:

The Youth Exchange “Anxiety on You (th) and EU” aims to raise awareness among young people aged 19-26 in Estonia, Latvia, Romania, Czech Republic, Greece and Spain about the causes of anxiety and the different ways of coping with anxiety in everyday situations in different countries.

The sub-objectives of the project are:

  • participants gain knowledge of what anxiety and what anxiety agents are
  • participants gain knowledge on how to deal with anxiety
  • Sharing ways to deal with anxiety in each partner country and where to seek help when needed * strengthen cooperation between partner organizations.

The project will launch an online campaign to raise people’s awareness of anxiety and anxiety agents. The campaign will be launched in late September – early October.

During the project, participants will acquire the knowledge and skills that will be useful in their future lives, both at personal level and in working life:

Skills: Self-expression and Communication – Participants often work in transnational groups during project activities and must express their thoughts in English, which is the working language of the project. It is also sometimes necessary to share their thoughts in a larger group, so participants develop their self-expression skills.

Planning and Leadership Skills – Participants plan and run thematic workshops.

IT Skills – Creating an Online Campaign Teamwork in an international group Knowledge: What are anxiety and anxiety triggers, methods of coping with anxiety, living in partner countries (traditions, stereotypes, etc.)

Project will take place in Estonia during the period of 1.-10.09.2020 and will include 32 participants.


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