The Art of Theatre 2 — Bulgaria


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Tryavna, Bulgaria

Dates: 7—20 June 2023

National team: 4 participants (aged 16-24) + 1 group leader (18+)

Please read the info-pack. 

Hosting organisation: Change Is in You (CYA)

Project description:

Project summary:

The main goal of our project is to present to the participants detailed information and practical knowledge about the art of theater, because we know from experience that this art helps to “break the ice” between two strangers, and breaks many stereotypes in communication between people.

It also increases tolerance between people because they begin to realize that there are more than 1-2 ways and approaches for people to present information and have a conversation. With it we want to contribute to the development of key qualities in the participants as an opportunity to speak in front of an audience and gain self-confidence and confidence in speaking in front of people.

In addition, one of our main goals is for them to acquire teamwork skills – something that will benefit them in the long run. During the project we will help the participants to acquire multifaceted knowledge in the field of theater, and we will involve them in the whole process of preparing a play – storytelling, screenwriting, acting and directing.

In the meantime, they will be introduced to the techniques and work of world-famous writers and screenwriters. Another important goal of our project is to acquaint the participants with the different Erasmus + programs and the opportunities it gives them to touch different cultures, to get first-hand information, as well as to travel and learn new things. It is also important to provoke them to work in a team. We strive to create a friendly environment in which people can enjoy working together, which is important so that they can eventually continue to work together by creating Erasmus + projects themselves.

Participant’s profile:

  • aged 16-24;
  • English level (at least A2 level of speaking and writing);
  • Committed to contribute to the follow up of the project;
  • Gender Balance have to be followed as much as possible (2 Male and 2 Female participant per country + the group leader);
  • Be interested in developing competences and implement follow-up initiatives;
  • Be aware of the characteristics of the learning environment (non-formal education);

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