Be a Change Maker: Developing ResponseAbility for Positive Change – Germany


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Bonn, Germany

Dates: 22-28 May 2016

Participants: Mária Nemcová, Eliška Horáková, Ivan Puškár, Zuzana Horáková 

Please read the info-pack and post-info-pack (where you can find the resources from and for the training course).

Participating countries: Belgium, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Portugal, Spain, Italy, UK, Romania, Germany

Hosting organisation: RootAbility

Project report:

I am very glad that I got possibility to take part at the project Be a Change Maker: Developing ResponseAbility for Positive Change, which was held in Bonn (Germany) from 22. to 28. May 2016. It was not the first project in which I have participated, therefore were my expectations quite higher.


The main aim of this training course was to find a response to the global challenges of the 21st century and to build responseAbility through reflection on our concerns and passions as well as becoming more conscious of our personal learning process. We have been working on this general goal gradually every day. From the first day morning we started (for training course untypically) with walking meditation in the nearby forest. I consider this exercise as very beneficial not only for purposes of our course, but especially for everyday life, where is really hard to slow down and find time for relax. This kind of meditation is quite simple to learn and can be used during every walking and therefore is a useful tool.


During other workshops we were trying to gain a deeper understanding of who we are and what we can do for others. A good idea was to make morning reflection (related to our feelings and remarks about previous day) in pairs, where we could discuss our review more deeply. Topics which we have discussed in pairs or small groups were personal and from the beginning was for me quite hard to speak about them, but later I got more comfortable and open thanks to other participants. Drew your own river of life with important moments and share it with other person, spoke about your passions and inconvenient feelings were only a few of them.


Location of training was really good, our house was situated close to forest and calm. All of the meals were mostly vegetarian, what was for me a good experience to eat meat a bit less as I usually do. And most important part of every project (this was not an exemption) were people. I believe that I´ve learned a lot not only from trainers, but also from other participants during this powerful training and I´m confident that it helped me to grow as a person. Because I´m optimistic I believe we will keep in touch and meet somewhere in the world. I can recommend this kind of experience to everybody.

Ivan Puškár

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