Bee COINs: Financial Education Debunked – Netherlands


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth exchange

YE dates and venue: 24 April – 5 May 2017, APV 3-6 February 2017 (attended by Czech group leader Marek Mikeš)

Participants: Sebastian Holesz, Witold Lisztwan, Alena Radová, Barbora Dolezalova, Tereza Schusterová 

Please read the APV info pack and info pack. The Bee COINs booklet captured the 12 most impactful sessions and methods from the event and the booklet puts them together for other non-formal education experts, facilitators and even school teachers to use.

Hosting organisation: Bees Empowered

Project report:

The youth exchange Bee COINs: Financial Education Debunked – Netherlands was organized by a group Bees Empowered, which is an informal group based in The Netherlands. The project was from 24th April 2017 to 5th May 2017. The project has been focused how to manage our financies and as a result how to improve quality in our lives. There were young people between 17-30 years old and from  Bulgaria, The Netherlands, Romania, Italy, Czech Republic, Lithuania.
We didnt have any original person from Netherlands, but Ilyana (one from Bees group) lives there for many years. She and Plamena, who lives in Bulgaria, were organizators. Expect Ilyana and Plamena, there were team leaders from Italy, Romania, Bulgaria and Lithuania.
Gio from Italy taught us how to think about things we buy.
Laura from Lithuania taught us how it is to be an entreprenuer in Lithuania.
Nick from Bulgaria taught us how to be a good investor.
In Czech group were two 17 old boys from borders with Poland, one girl from central part of Czechia, one girl from Moravia and me from Silesia.
We were in a little city called Ommen, which is a know destination for tourists from The Netherlands. There are a lot of forests and one “Sahara”.
We have lived in Olde Vechte accommodation, where work people from EVS project.
We had luck, because we could’ve seen the Kings day, the famous celebrating in this country.
We have been on the bicycles trips etc.


We had a very nice time there.  This youth exchange was very useful. We gained many valuable skills and experiences that we will use in our professional lives.
                                                                                                                                                                                             Alena Radová


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