Caring through Sharing 2 — Ireland


Programme ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Dates: 24 September—1 October 2022

Venue: Woodstown, County Waterford, Ireland

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National team: Iva Černá, Terezie Kovářová

Hosting organisation: Waterford and South Tipperary Community Youth Service Ltd

Project info:

The training course “Caring through sharing 2” took place in a small village Woodstown, just next to the southern ocean coast in Ireland. With the other participant from Czech republic, Tereza, we had the pleasure to meet people from Armenia, Spain, Belgium, Estonia and of course Ireland.

The first day we enjoyed some icebreaking games and we focused on getting to know each other. After that we started to get deeper into the topic itself – labyrinth theatre. Through various workshops, we were able to discover the ways how to work with the audience, how to include them into the play and how to arrange the circumstances so they will have a theatre experience where they can fully participate on what we were creating together. In conclusion, we learned though experience both as participants, but also as organisers.

Of course we also did have some time to relax. We did so by playing games in the evening, we also had an intercultural night, where we had the opportunity to share with others something from our culture and we spend one evening in an authentic irish pub, where we enjoyed irish music.

We came home full of new experiences and I would like to thank Declan, for taking care of us so selflessly and making sure, everyone have what they need, as well as I would like to thank Elena and Dominique for organising the program and activities and of course EYCB for the amazing job they’re doing with all the projects they offer <3

Iva Černá

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