Change Your Mind, Not the Climate — Turkey


Programme: ERASMUS+ Youth, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Manisa, Turkey

Dates: 29 August—4 September 2021

Please read the project description and info-pack.

Participating countries: Turkey, Romania, Czech Republic, Italy, Estonia, Finland

Hosting organisation: Tarzan Egitim ve Gençlik Dernegi

Czech team: Veronika Květoňová (GL), Kateřina Hrdá, Marek Berka, Ester Pakizerova, Pavel Tomáš Řehák

Project report: 

Turkey, a wonderful and hospitable country, it was our pleasure to visit YOU! Together with five other participants from the Czech Republic we arrived to Manisa on 29th August on a project called „Change Your Mind, Not the Climate“. We stayed here with other 24 participants. Some of them came from the hosting  country – Turkey, the rest of participants were from Italy, Estonia, Finland and Romania. We set off from this beautiful city on 4th September.

We are so thankful for our amazing leader of this project – Alper Atlay (organization Tarzan Egitim Gençlik Dernegi), who was just amazing and super kind. There was no disorder due to his perfect organization and he always helped us if we were dubious. Together with other participants we soon created a great team by reason of many activities and group works. We were able to cooperate but also to talk about various environmental problems. The most discussed environmental topic was carbon footprint. We tried to find some solutions for everyday tasks and learn how to behave more environmentally friendly.

Furthermore, there were more prepared activities for us. We went for a hike to an ancient city called Aigai. One of the best was then a trip to Ephesus. It is one of the most visited attractions in Turkey. This ancient city was built in the 10th  century BC and it´s really huge and worth visiting.

I think we have all enjoyed this project. Each of us learnt something new, met new people and practised our language skills. We have wonderful experiences and we will remember it for the rest of our lives. We definitely should not forget to one of the most important things we have learnt on this project – that we have to think about our acts, which have mostly negative impacts on our planet, and take care of our environment.

I want to thank to Alper (the leader of this project), all participants and also to EYCB -THANK YOU!

                                                                                                                                Veronika Květoňová

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