CLARO! Challenge Labels & Appearance… Reach Out! — Greece


Program: Erasmus+ Youth, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue (for both the APV and the YE): Thessaloniki, Greece

APV dates: 15—17 October 2021. APV will be attended by one group leader and one participant from each national team. The APV team will also take part in the YE in December.

Youth exchange (YE) dates: 17—23 December 2021 

Participating countries: Greece, Portugal, Czech Republic, Turkey

Hosting organisations: Youth Empowerment Center (Greece) & CAAB – Centro Cultural e Recreativo de Aguada de Baixo (Portugal)

Czech team: Alena Aichlmanová (GL), APV, Filipp Lomakin (APV), Sarah Horáková, Jindřich Hemelík, Jan Pilka, Georgy Mezhuev, Michal Ozga, Tereza Kahounová, Alexej Petečel, Kristýna Kubičková, Julie Moravcová, Samuel Horák

Project Brochure: Brochure_CLARO

Project report:

Project Claro! that took place from 17th to 23 December 2021 in Thessaloniki, Greece, definitely belongs to one of the best I have ever attended. The combination of great and well prepared activities has brought interesting results and outcomes from participants of all countries that attended the project. The main focus was on the work with prejudice and labels, and 40 young people from Greece, Portugal, Turkey and the Czech Republic tried to understand issues that are faced by various minorities. The activities were led using non-formal education methods such as role-play, games, discussions and creative activitie. There were also guest speakers who shared really their experience with working on the social field. Each national team had the opportunity to introduce their own methodology that was prepared during the first part of this project, in July 2021 in Portugal (since there were other participants in Greece than in Portugal). For all members of our Czech team it was an opportunity to lead this activity in small groups and share the work they also have prepared based on this methodology. We were really proud to hear that our Czech activity has been evaluated as one of the best from the whole project.
The project was held in a small, friendly hotel aside from Thessaloniki, so we could fully focus on the activities, and were a safe environment, in which we could share our worries and emotions about difficult issues, for example the situation of refugess or ethnic minorities in general, was created.
After each day of hard work, we also had fun organising intercultural nights, were we shared interesting facts about our countries and also local food and drinks.
When the project came to its end, it was really, really difficult to say good bye, since some great friendships arised…
A great thanks belongs to EYCB for taking part in this project, and helping our team to take part in it! I truly believe it has changed lives of all of us.

                                                                                                                    Alena Aichlmanová

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