Music is my Aeroplane — Hungary


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth Exchange

Venue: Kiskunfélegyháza, Hungary

Dates: 13-21 August 2019

Participants: Petr Velc, Roman Velc, Anna Bicanová, Anna Bubik

Group leader: Martina Otřísalová

Hosting organisation: YOPA NGO

Participating countries: Czech Republic, Romania, Croatia, Estonia, Slovakia, Portugal, Spain, Italy, France

Project report:

It was middle of August of 2019 and a group of Czech adventurers went to a small town called Kiskunfelegyhaza in Hungary to get new experience, knowledge and a lot of fun at Youth Exchange named Music is my Aeroplane. Our exchange was made for teenagers between 14 and 18 years old and one group leader over 25 years old.

Our czech team of five members, one group leader and four participants, traveled to Kiskunfelegyhaza by train. We succesfully arrived to a cosy small town in the south of Hungary and on our way we met a group from Spain. The only problem on arrival had Portuguese team. They booked their flight to Bukurest instead of Budapest by accident. But they arrived too,  only with a half-day delay.

Our topic was focused on music, art, dance and digital skills as the name Music is my Aeroplane helps to guess. Since the beginning we knew, there will be a big town festival at the end of the week and we will be part it. We were suppose to prepare a performance for the morning of the first day of festival. It was a nice chalenge and we immediatelly started to plan and deciding.

Everyone who felt that has some talent or would like to show some skills get the oportunity to show it and we could easily decide, how would be our performace composed.

Everyday we did different tasks focused of sharing our favourite music genre. In the middle of the week, there was a dance teacher, mom of a hungarian participant, and she taught an awesome scenic dance to our group.

Our program was beautiful piano performance by an italian participant, spanish song, our czechoslovakian performance of Cudzinka v tvojej zemi from Xindl X, italian Bella ciao and our original anthem of the project Mucis is my Aeroplane. All accompanied by talented musicians from our whole big group, completly international instrumental band. I would say it was very nice, people were happy and were clapping their hands but it was the biggest success for us. 

It was so great how we could cooperate and connect all our cultures together. Also the age of the participants was really low but there was no problem in communication or cooperation with other countries in a foreign country. We become one big family and was really tough to leave at the end.

We hope to see all our new friends again one day somewhere.

Thank you EYCB I could be part of this story.

Martina Otřísalová

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