Coolplay: Foster Interculturality by Playing — Spain


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: seminar

Venue: Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain

Dates: 11.—16. prosinec 2023

National team 2 participants

Please have a look at this shared folder with all the useful materials created during this seminar.

Hosting organisation: La Víbria Intercultural

Project report:

The project “COOL PLAY: Fostering Interculturality through Gaming” took place from 11th to 16th December in Barcelona. The InOut Hostel was about 15 minutes by train from the very centre of Barcelona and was located on a hill surrounded by parks, forests. It was therefore the perfect place for both lovers of walks and those who wanted to taste the beauty of Barcelona.

The program of the project was varied, on the first day we arrived gradually and in the evening we had a dinner together and also an information session. The next morning we then spent quite a lot of time on the familiarization activities and icebreakers, which I think is very important to form a good atmosphere and team spirit.

The next blocks were dedicated to introducing our sending organizations and theoretical framing of the gamification process. On the third day we started testing the games and techniques that national teams had prepared. Each one was a bit different – so it was quite varied, but some of the techniques were really interesting.

On the third day, in mixed teams, we dove into creating new games. We had plenty of time to prepare. Each team took on the task in their own way. Someone created an online game, another group created an educational game or role play games. Later we tried out all the games for ourselves.

I’m sure you’re waiting for me to mention Barcelona itself – there was a whole afternoon dedicated to it, and we started all together with a tour – but not just any tour. We took part in the Migrant Tour – a tour from the perspective of an immigrant. The lady who showed us around was originally from Colombia. The whole tour was very interesting and I appreciate that La Vibria chose this way. We dispersed to the main tourist spots afterwards or after the end of the project. Barcelona in wintertime very much aproved!

On the last day of the program we were visited by the creators of programs using virtual reality. This was very interesting as they spoke to us about how they go into schools and use VR to expose students to topics such as mental health, bullying and anti-bullying, and similar socially important topics. For me, it’s a great way to explain and introduce these topics to children in an appealing way. In the evening there was a final session, evaluation and a nice dinner together. 

We spent the evenings mostly together, thematically playing board games, with some real deep talks. There was also a cultural evening. We of course did not slack off and prepared Czech snacks for our international friends.

In less than a week, we managed to share our experiences in working with youth, tried out new games and methods, but also had the opportunity to meet people with different cultural context – which itself is really enriching. I am also very grateful for the opportunity to go to beautiful sunny Spain in December!



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