cOOlture – Croatia


 Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Korenica, Croatia

Dates: 25 September – 5 October 2015

Participants: Jitka Jurníková, Dana Paděrová, Martina Steklá, Markéta Kočí, Samuel Mintah

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Participating countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, CzechRepublic, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Romania, Slovakia

Hosting organisation:  Syncro -Synergy Croatia

Project info:

I travelled to Korenice, Croatia together with four other participants from the Czech Republic to form a 5 member team representing the Czech Republic. I had a pleasant journey and arrived at the location of the programme approximately 18:15 pm on 25th of September, 2015. I was welcomed by the organisers and showed the room where I will be staying for the next 10 days of the programme. In all, a total of 30 participants from eight (8) participating countries were involved in the programme; Czech Republic, Latvia, Romania, Malta, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovakia, and Italy.

The training programme was on the topic of basic synergy training and cultural youth exchange with the main goal of “Creating more success in life whiles enjoying it”. It involved the use of both theoretical as well as practical use of basic synergy tools that helps in self development through diversified cultural backgrounds. As the training was a youth exchange, the topics highlighted doing the programme was geared towards cultural awareness, that is, how to become aware of your culture and develop within through the creation of success and self development.

The ten (10) day programme began with an introduction to the training and what we should expect during and after the training and how we can apply the theories in real life practices. We were then given the chance to choose a Buddy, someone who will be your training partner for the entire duration of the training. The buddy was to serve as an assistant during the programme to explain and help you on issues on specific topics of the training. Also a group of five participants from different countries with one co-trainer was formed called the “CT group”. This was a discussion platform for individual participants to share their views on topics learnt during the training and also for other members to assist in one way or the other. During these CT meetings I was able to learn and know more about my group members personally and culturally as we shared our views and opened out to one another.

The first six days of the training was about theories of basic synergy with indoor practical application which involved tasks that brings out creativity. Some of the topics were on trust, team building, being aware of reality, setting of goals and visions, listing and how to ask the right questions, focus and reacting to stress. The last four (4) days involved outdoor activities which we made use of the theories we learnt in practice in the real world. During the outdoor training, we were taken out of our comfort zone and deprived of some basic needs which are very important in our lives. We were given tasks which involved travelling long distance and applying the theories we have learnt. Through this, I was able to experience the culture and behaviour of not only my team members but also the people I met during the outdoor training. This was an excellent experience for me as it has developed me not only physically but mentally.

Experiencing diverse culture through learning in an informal way has brought much insight to me on my culture and culture of other participants during the training. I would therefore thank Syncro Croatia, EYCB and ERASMUS+ for such opportunity and experience of meeting new people and making new friends while learning in a friendly atmosphere and also the opportunity to travel and see beautiful Croatia for the first time.

To conclude, I would say it was a nice experience and would recommend every youth to take advantage of this programme to meet new people and experience new cultures whiles enjoying it.

Samuel Mintah


Project’s photo galery and information are available here.

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