Crazy for Democrazy – Italy


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Venue: Giovinazzo, Bari, Italy

Dates: 2-9 December 2015 

Participants: Jana Broulíková, Leona Kunayová, Lenka Vybíralová

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Participating countries: Italy, Greece, Romania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Turkey

Hosting organisationEUROSUD

Project report:

Five days full of fun, laughter and acquiring new knowledge. That’s how you can describe our week on a training course in Giovinazzo.

Giovinazzo is a little village in a southeast Italy which has a lot to offer to its visitors. Our program was pretty tight, but we still found some time for strolling alongside its coast and trying out some famous Italian coffee in a local café.

The participants were really diverse from countries such as: Greece, Romania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Turkey and of course Czech Republic.

This project was about empowering young people to be active citizens, to become the people, who are not afraid to speak up and tackle the most burning problems in a society.

What were the activities that we experienced in this particular training course?

For us in Italy it was different every day. One day we were having lectures, that were more formal, the other we played teambuilding games and having discussions about topics that are connected to the main topic of DEMOCRACY.

We cannot forget the intercultural evening, where we could taste products typical for the countries of participants as well as listen to their traditional music and try traditional Turkish and Greek dances. I believe that we represented Czech Republic well, people enjoyed our selection of cheese, chocolate and wine that are originating in our country.

The program was indeed interesting but on projects such as this you also realize how much you can learn from each other just by simple talking to the people and discussing various topics and comparing everyday realities in your countries. We were lucky to have participants that were very enthusiastic and knowledgeable in many fields and getting to know them broadened my horizons.


Atmosphere throughout the whole seminar was great so saying good-bye was hard, but I am pretty sure I will get the chance to see some of the people I’ve met there in a future and that we developed few friendships that will last.

Leona Kunayová 

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