Digital and Media Literacy for Active Citizenship — Italy


Programme: Erasmus+, Key Action 1: traning course

Venue: Palermo, Italy

Dates: 23—28 November 2021

National team size: 2

Please read the info-pack.  

Participating countries: Italy, Grece, Czech Republic, Serbia, Spain, Estonia, Romania, Netherlands, Poland, Hungary 

Hosting organisation: Associazione InformaGiovani

Project description:

roject DAMLAC (Digital and media literacy for Active Citizenship) is aimed at promoting active exchange of experience, expertise, ideas and tools among different Non-governmental youth organizations dealing with media literacy and media education.

Youth workers, volunteers and activists of the involved organizations will meet in Palermo, Italy in Autumn 2021 and during a 5 days meeting will discuss several subjects related to the impact of social and digital media on young people and on society and related challenges for active citizenship and democracy.

 The meeting will be useful to exchange experience and, mainly, to establish the basis for a network of youth organization dealing with media literacy with a critical approach. Media literacy is indeed nowadays an pre-requirement for active citizenship and democratic engagement and therefore Youth organizations in Europe must be able to play an active role in promoting such a literacy.

Escaping from the risk of opposite extremisms (on one side those who adore internet and digital communication as solution for all problems and on the other side those who label internet as a
modern Evil) Youth organization must promote a critical, conscious and thought use of new media.

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