DIY – Do It Yourself, Do It as a Youth-worker – creative solutions for unemployment among young artists – Poland


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Venue: Wolimierz, Poland

Dates: 13-20 September 2015

Participants: Liudmila Gasina, Vít Votroubek

Please read the info-pack and daily activities schedule. Please also read the beautiful booklet/manual with the outcomes of this training course here:

Participating countries:  Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Egypt, Georgia, Italy, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine

Project report:

Honestly speaking I was quite biased about Poland as an interesting place for a good project, but at the same time I was very curious after reading about “DIY-Do it yourself”. There were 10 countries with 2 representatives from each of them, due to that fact that the project is for artists- we all were somehow connected with it. When I started to talk to people I was amazed by the way how art and beauty were inlaid in them. These people were standing for their ideas of changing the world for best, and the biggest gratitude for this should be said to organizers, who made the very right choice.

The place chosen for the week, was the best place for this kind of project, Stacja Wolimierz, was a working train station in old 1940s, so its story is large, varied and formidable. It happened to be in a pretty big village in 2015, and we had great excursions to various people who started business basing on their passion to art.

The project “DIY-Do it yourself” was conducted on a high level by group of professionals, who were taken by the idea to provide the participants with all the needed information concerning the topic.

Each day we had different activities and informational sessions, like business lecture how to start your own thing, lecture on how to write a project, than- time for our own ideas and their evaluation by senior experienced people. The whole place was soaked with creativity and muse. It was very useful to speak to invited art people, who struggle with unemployment all the time and who found the direct instructions. The team of “DIY” didn`t just give us tips how to continue our work in art sphere but also inspired us with their own examples.

What I found at Stacja Wolimierz cannot be  explained in words. And I hope these people will continue “to open minds” and will have millions of chances to do it.


 Liudmila Gasina

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