Drink with Sense – Denmark


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth Exchange

Venue: Ganløse, Denmark

Dates: 2-9 June  2017

Group leader: Dominik Firla

Participants: Martin Nepevný, Petra Zbořilová, Pavel Vítek, Adéla Bermellová, Kateřina Tomanová

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Participating countries: Czech Republic, Denmark, Spain, Bulgaria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland

Hosting organisation: Copenhagen Youth Network (CYN)

Project report: 

To drink with sense. What does it mean? In order to find out, participants from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Croatia and Denmark set out on the project in the beginning of June 2017. There were 6 people from each visiting nation and Danish team half composed of facilitators and organizers. Under watchful eye of Heresh, who saw to our every need, we experienced a week of fun and education.

Every day we started with icebreaking games and energizers. After getting to know each other and properly energized, we were more than eager to work on various tasks that Thomas and Garan had prepared for us. We made a lot of research on drinking cultures in participants’ home countries, drinking statistics and alcohol advertising. The obtained knowledge was always presented and discussed within the whole group. On a few occasions we had a chance to talk about the issue with invited guests.

Even though the majority of the project was held in beautiful lush countryside in Stenløse not far from the capital city, in the middle of the project we had an opportunity to spend one entire day in Copenhagen and see many trademark landmarks of the city such as Tivoli amusement park, little mermaid and many others.

At the end of the project, the topic of alcohol and drinking was thoroughly explored, both on theoretical and practical level, and everyone was leaving educated in one way or another. Even if the weather was cold sometimes, we were all warmed by a friendly atmosphere of the project and our hearts were melting when we were saying our goodbyes after an unforgettable week. We will all miss each other and the remarkable land of Vikings.


Cheers! Or, as the Danish say, “Skål”!

                                                                                                                                                                                               Dominik Firla

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