Empowering Minorities — A project to improved practices for work with minorities (part 2) — Kosovo


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 2 (Capacity Building in the Field of Youth): four-stage Training course

Project activities:

  1. Training Course in Albania (January 2019)
  2. Training Course in Kosovo (March 2019)
  3. Capacity Building in all partner countries 
  4. Study Visit in Macedonia (September 2019)

Venue: Prishtina, Kosovo

Dates: 19-25 March 2019

Participants: Lukáš Peluněk, Taher Kebab, Ester Čapková

Please read the info-pack of this four-stage project & info-pack specific to the TC in Kosovo and daily programme for the Kosovo TC

Hosting organisation: Dyert e se Ardhmes (D.E.A.)

Project report: 

Between 17th and 25th of March we participated ( Taher, Lukáš, Ester ) in a training course which was a second phase of a long-term project called ! Empowering minorities in Kosovo, Prishtina.

The first one was held in Albania, Durrës. see the previous report here :


Only 7 people were in both phases and we had 22 new people joined which added another experiences and verities.

In this phase we were focusing on creating new tools and methods of ( ice breaking, put people together and create a working atmosphere) in one day, in other day we had to create tools, methods or an activity to Empower Minorities.

After people arrived on 17th and had dinner and some sleep, we woke up the next day with full energy to start the training course, our trainers ( Ilona from Czech, and Mimoza from Albania ) were preparing many ice breakers  and name games in order the participants know each other and bond. Which will let them work together in the upcoming days smoothly and in harmony.

The upcoming day. We had a day full of team-building activities, focusing on time-management, leadership and team-work. We had  20 tasks to be done in less than 1:30 one hour and 30 minutes, and we we were able to do it in 1 hour 15 minutes. We had to reflect on that after and to discuss what happened and what we learnt.

The next days we were divided into groups randomly and we had to create our own activities which supposed to have these goals ( ice breaking, put people together and create a working atmosphere) and then after lunch we had the chance to test them on other participants, which allowed us to know where its weakness and are the points to improve.

The tools, activities created will be takes by at least 4 groups and do a workshop in local level as  capacity building activities.

I shall not forget the intercultural night, where each country had the chance to present some stories about their weddings and ceremonies or Burials, and we could show some dances and provide some traditional food and beverages.

Working with 27 people from different backgrounds gave us an extraordinary experiences and skills. We learnt many new words from different languages, we made many friends from different countries, we learnt about Erasmus+ and we got Youthpass certificate, what more?

If you want to know more, you have to apply and go for a project yourself, do it now !


Taher Kebab

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