Work4Inclusion — Portugal


Programme: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Venue: Sanguedo, Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal

Dates: 16—22 May 2022

National team size: 3

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Hosting organisation:Red Cross PortugalCRUZ VERMELHA – DELEGAÇÃO DE SANGUEDO

Participating countries: Portugal, Czech Republic, Spain, Greece, Lithuania, Estonia, Croatia, Turkey, Italy, Austria

Project description:

The project aims to respond to the problem of social exclusion of young people, a problem at a global level and generating serious effects both for young people and for society in general.

Although we recognize the importance of formal education in the development of young people, we also recognize that it is insufficient in terms of preparing young people for the challenges of today’s world. Non-formal education, focused on the needs and goals of young people, thus appears as an essential complement to formal education, as a way of guaranteeing their integral development.

To this end, and as a way of ensuring innovative and quality opportunities for the empowerment of young people, it is urgent to:

  • Promote the training of Youth Technicians (YT/youth workers), so that they are able to adjust their interventions to the needs of current young people, namely, giving them the opportunity to follow the work carried out in other organizations;
  • Increase the response capacity of YT/youth workers and organizations, in order to reach more and more young people, especially young people with fewer opportunities;
  • Increase recognition of youth work, through non-formal and informal education, as an essential complement to formal education;
  • Increase European synergies in the youth sector, allowing for networking in the fight against the problems of today’s young people, namely social exclusion.

Each partner organisation should send 3 participants (Youth Technicians), having 1 of the 3 technicians few oportunities.

Will participate in our Training Course, 3 Youth Workers, from each organization. One of the 3 having fewer opportunities;

The training course, Work4Inclusion, aims to improve the work of the youth workers, so that they create tools, within the scope of the development of young people skills, in order to be able to respond to their needs and life goals.

Youth workers should be able to establish safe learning environments for young people, allowing them to actively participate in non formal and informal education activities and dynamics.

It’s extremely important to expand the youth workers’ network of contacts, at an international level, as a way of combating  the social problems of young people, namely, with regard to their exclusion and lack of participation in active life.

All the work done with the youth workers, in this training course, will have positive repercussions for young peoples’ life.

Accomodation and breakfast is provided by Hotel dos Lóios, in Santa Maria da Feira and meals (lunch and dinner) at ISVOUGA, Academic Superior Institute, in Santa Maria da Feira too.

Main Activities:

  • Higher School of Health, of the Red Cross, in Oliveira de Azeméis, as a way of presenting an educational aspect of our young people;
  • City of Professions, in Oporto´s city. Information and consultancy space on professional life and the world of work, promoted by the Oporto’s city council;
  • IPDJ (Youth Portuguese Institute). Promote access to education training, employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for young people.

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