ENTER: Training Course on Youth Entrenepreneurship – Turkey


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Izmir, Turkey

Dates: 6-13 March 2016

Participants: Petra Schneiderová, Michaela Koňaříková, Kristýna Kopecká

Please read the info-pack and daily programme

Participating countries: Turkey, Czech Rep, Sweden, Norway

Hosting organisation Association for Supporting Contemporary Life (Çağdaş Yaşamı Destekleme Derneği – CYDD)

Project report:

How to sum up all project with two words? Wonderful experience!

It all happened in Turkey, in city called Izmir. Izmir is in the western coast of Turkey, surrounded by Aegean Sea and it´s a third most populous city in Turkey with more than 4 milions inhabitants, which has really huge importance in culture and history. The project was called ENTER – Training Course on Youth Entrepreneurship and took place from 6th till 13th of March.

Working group consistet from people from 5 (in fact 6) countries:

  • Czech Republic with 3 participants
  • Greece with 3 participants
  • Norway with 3 participants
  • Sweden with 5 participants (where two were originally from Argentina)
  • Turkey with 6 participants + countless volunteers, who also were sometimes part of our group.

Who were our trainers?

In project we had three different trainers (who also organized all project) and they were all very special and thanks to them we were able learn at the project as much as we could. First was Ezgi Neubert, who was the main person with a lot of duties, which caused her stress, but she managed everything very well so there was no single problem. Second trainer was Hatice Yildirim and she was also perfect. Her lessons were clear, funny and full of great information and she was always there to answer our questions or help us. Last trainer was Taylan Özgür Demirkaya and he is very professional and I must say, that I didn´t expect that the project will be guided with such a personality. His lessons were also great and I am really happy that we had chance to meet him and also other two trainers because we learned from them a lot.

Program was fulfilled with useful information, fun and friendship

I must say, that program was quite exhausting. We started in the morning and we worked all day and also during dinner, because we didn´t finish everything but I must say that even if I was tired, I was never bored at all. In the beginning we started with introductions of trainers, participants and also Partner Organizations and we did it in a very funny and interactive ways. Than we started with main topics of programme, we talked about who is entrepreneur, what is active citizenship, we worked on our creativity and we learned how to make ideas. We also work on mindset of entrepreneur, think about sustainability and we had chance to know Canvas model and 3S model. We also got interesting information about Erasmus + Projects and also about project planning. During our stay we also visited some organizations, for example EBSO which support entrepreneurship in Izmir where we met Committee of Young Entrepreneurs and also İzmir Büyükşehir Belediyesi Gönüllü Takımı, which is center which provides different types of volunteer services. We did all programme activites with different, interesting and creative ways. We were divided in few groups and we worked together on tasks and after that we presented our results to others. It was very enriching and during these activities we learned much more that you can learn during traditional lectures.

What about free time and culture programme?

It was just amazing. Organizators prepared for us many cultural activities, we visited ancient Greek city Ephesus, we visited small wine village Şirince and all nice places in Izmir. Every evening there was also something happening, we went to cinema, we had concerts or we had intercultural night, which was not only about food, it was also about dance and other traditions of each country. We also had a Lindy Hop Dance Party and almost every night most of our group stayed together and we continued to the city to discover something new again and again. We also did a boat trip to other part of Izmir, where we had a nice lunch and walk. During our stay we tried many different turkisch food and drinks and visited many nice restaurants and cafés. I must say, that our group worked flawless, we were always talking and having fun and there was no problem. We got very close together and we built nice friendship.

I want to say THANK YOU, because this week in Izmir was for me one of the best weeks of my life. Thank you European Union, thank you EYCB, thank you Ezgi, Hatice and Taylan, thank you all other participants. It was a great unforgettable week in terrific place with brilliant people and I would recommend to all to go to these Erasmus + Projects.


Kristýna Kopecká

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