Facilitation for All — Armenia


Termín konání: 5-12 October 2019

Místo konání: Dilijan, Armenia

Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training course

Venue: Dilijan, Armenia

Dates: 5-12 October 2019

Participants: Adéla Kalusová, Elizaveta Nechaeva, Anna Shalygina

Host organisation: Loesje Armenia

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Participating countries: Armenia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Denmark, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany, and Spain

Project report:

Thanks to EYCB I got to travel to beautiful Armenia with two other Czech participants in the middle of golden autumn on the 5th of October. Each participating country was represented by 3 youth workers and we met people from Germany, Armenia, Georgia, Spain, Lithuania, Hungary, Ukraine and Italy. This project was very diverse in terms of age, the youngest participant was 18 and the oldest 30 years old. 

We have experienced professionalism of hosting organization Losje Armenia from the first email from our coordinator Gayane. Even though she spoke of herself as “an angry lady from the emails”, booking and travelling to the place of the project was a smooth experience. Even though there was no specific information on day-to-day agenda from the start, our trainers Hranush and Agnieszka were making sure that everyone has their questions answered and understands how activities are linked under the umbrella of facilitation. Project “Facilitation for All” was not what many people had expected, as it was centered around participants getting to know themselves and each other better and developing valuable skills as active listening, cooperation, understanding of everyone’s needs and boundaries. 

The project was beneficial for many reasons and it led through a first-hand experience of working and adapting to the diverse group of people. While taking part in each activity, we as participants not only had a chance to make ourselves familiar with new workshops for our work, but also underwent a change in our perception of other people and developed many personal skills. However, the highlight of the project were wonderful people that we have met, it was a pleasure to be surrounded by such a group of fascinating individuals. 

On the side of getting to know the culture, I would say there was less activities than expected, however we were able to explore the city of Dilijan, see the monasteries in the surrounding and Lake Sevan. Though there were no intercultural activities planned, we have ourselves explored different cultures during our free evenings. 

Overall it was a great experience to be led by professional trainers to personal growth that can be transferred into compassion and better understanding of the groups I will work with in the future. Thank you EYCB for giving me this opportunity to develop myself and meet wonderful people in far-away Armenia. 

In Prague 15.10.2019, Elizaveta Nechaeva

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