From Theory to Action — Greece


Date: 17-26 September 2012

Venue: Ptolemaida, Thessaloniki, Greece

Pax: Jana Valentová, Ivan Kobelev

Programme/action: Youth in Action, training course (4.3.)

Project report:


For me the training was actualy something really powerful and I wish everybody could experience it. 10 days in an isolated hotel in Greece on board with 20 other participants, each of them working in an NGO in their countries, and 3 very nice coaches who actualy did their magic on each one of us (very apparent) and teaching us also to be able to do the magic ourselves.
The training focused on leadership, self-development (mostly self-learning as its the key to it), peace, coaching and other very valuable soft-skills.
Actualy Ive gone through several courses and books on these topics but that was absolutely different, it was not just interesting, the workshops were not just interactive and games not just teambuilding. As Ive already said, it was a magic. The programme made by the coach was very well structured and everything we have been learning was given to us by very little steps, from the accepting and speaking about our weaknesses to very easy exercises which everyone was able to fulfil, step by step understanding more, learning every small but important details, we were going to try the more difficult tasks (mostly difficult because of the personal fight inside each one of us).
The effect it had on me was huge and effect on others was very evident also. We learned to play red, to shine instead of blowing, to Make a Difference instead of giving up, to speak instead of gabbering, to embrace the life as it is instead of cursing it, to stop for a while in the never-ending daily chaos, to believe in our own powers, to sing, to hug, to care and to help. And to follow the path in life which my heart asks me for, not the mind. Because only that path will be the one which leads to the hidden treasure we seek for and exactly on that path there are all these great things prepared just on the road waiting for us.
Weve gone through many frameworks and there was also one on the start with 10 statements. The 10th one was very short and simple: You will forget it all. And yeah, of course, I will, I believe I will forget all these rules and frameworks because Im a human being (a lesson Ive learnt there). No matter that, I also believe, actualy I am 150 % sure, the intervention Ive been affected to there will follow me all my life. I will find out the first 9 rules on my own and define them in my own way, though the principle will be the same. I will forget it all, but something has already changed in me, somebody has given me a key and I will carry that powerful key with me all my life. Thank you!

Ivan Kobelev

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