Fundraisers in Action – Romania


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth mobility

Venue: Dubova, Romania

Dates: 13-20 October 2015

Participants: Kateřina Ovčiariková, Johana Hošková

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Participating countries:  Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey

Hosting organisation: Asociația Pro Civica Oltenia

Project info:

Training course which we we attended took place in beautiful city Dubova, Romania lying on the bank of river Danube which makes a boaders between Romania and Serbia. We spent there amazing week together with participants from other 10 countries. Imagine, that you make so many friends  from different countries on one place. That´s awesome without any doubts. That´s why I would like to send a thanks to organizators from Romania who decided to make this training course very international with many participating countries. Even though it had to be difficult, they managed it very well.

First day when I arrived  I was absolutely impressed by our accommodation. We lived in fantastic wood cottages with unbelievable view. That was much more then I expected. So definitely thumbs up for that!

We took an advantage that the weather wasn´t good and in Dubova is anything to do for young people, so we socialized among ourselfs and became friends very quickly. 

The main theme we were supposed to be focused on was fundraising but we also devoted a lot of our time learning about culture differences. Our schedule was quite busy, but everything what we did was interesting and useful. This course was focused mainly on team works in which we were trying to solve many kinds of specific issues. We played a lot of games and there were also some activities arranged as a real life which I enjoyed the most.

To clear our minds, there was one day off for a trip on a boat where we had an opportunity to see the largest work in Europe, carved into the rock. Furthermore we climbed on a huge cliff with the best view I have ever seen.


Sum it up it was great experience in all aspects and I am so glad that thanks to the EYCB I learned a basics of fundraising and enjoy my time with cool people on a cool place. Thank you so much EYCB!

Kateřina Ovčiariková 

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