Green Living in the Rural Area – Greece


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Kryoneri Korinthias, Greece

Dates: 4-11 May 2016

Participants: Eliška Haasová, Klára Hušková

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Participating countries: Lichtenstein, Spain, UK, Italy, Slovakia, Czech republic, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Romania

Hosting organisationFILOXENIA, Intercultural-Environmental Organisation

Project report:

This project was really awesome!!!! Program, people, country…everything was great. We lived in a small village in the mountains near to Kioto, grapes and olives everywhere. Monumental nature, very friendly and smiling people. We lived in one nice hostel, which was built especially for youth projects. It was really cosy and also the hostel was low-energy and from the nice garden we can see the whole landscape with the sea. The goal of this project with the topic Green living in rural area was to get to know how people live in these areas and main, which buildings are there and which buildings should be there, which can support the local people, but this buildings should be low energy and nature friend as much as possible. The main activity was building a tree house, we did it every day, at least for 4 hours. We cut grass and the bamboo, which was used for the roof. We made a construction of the tree and clean the surroundings of the tree. Also, we clean a stone house, where we had lunch last day, which we cooked in an old oven. Also, we clean the footpath, which lead to the nice brook with waterfalls. From next activities we went to the Museum of Environmental and visited one nice lake there. Also, we had discussions about renewable sources, we had cinema night, where we watched the film, which related to the topic of the project. Also, we had activities for cognition to other people, lots of games and so on. Also, the big part of the program was getting to know Greece and Greek culture. We went for lunch and dinners to the typical Greek taverns, we tasted lots of local food, olives, wine, feta, Souvlaki, Greek salad and so on. Also, we visited a farm, shops and cafés, we learnt Greek dances with local people from the village and we visited one very beautiful typical Greek town, Nafplio. Also, we swam in the sea, we visited Amphitheatre with the ruin of Ancient town, the monastery, town Kioto and old cemetery. Everything was really amazing, the weather was really hot and sunny, and there were no one, who didn´t enjoy it so much!!!!


Thank you so much to EYCB for this awesome experience.

Eliška Haasová 

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