Guide to Erasmus+ Applications — Portugal


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training course

Venue: Maceira – Fornos de Algodres, Portugal

Dates: 16-24 July 2018

Participants: Jana Kohoutová, Adéla Kalusová, Tomáš Bendl, Tomáš Král

Participating countries: Spain, Macedonia, Latvia, Romania, Czech Republic, Portugal

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Hosting organisation: Associação de Promoção Social, Recreativa, Desportiva e Humanitária de Maceira

Project report: 

Once upon a time… In a small Portuguese village „Maceira – Fornos de Algodres“, a great adventure took place. 

25 young, enthusiastic people gathered together to do something big. 

After arrival we started to get to know each other through games and ice-breakers, what was really funny and we made really good team in a few minutes. Let ‘s say – a small Erasmus+ family from Maceira. 🙂

 The training course “Guide to Erasmus + Applications” was a guide for those youth for a week, with team-buildings, workshops and lectures leading a group of enthusiasts to write their own Erasmus+ project. During this week, we made a groups and worked on our own projects with different topics.

At the beginning, we received information about the European Union and the functioning of European projects. Based on this we could start to make training course/youth exchange, through the fill the apllication form with detailed instructions and auxiliary notes we ‘ve got. Thanks to really good trainer, Vasko from Macedonia, we could work very hard and effective. All of us, we were really interested to do really good projects. Whole team was really helpful to us and Vasko was really great mentor.

During the making of our projects, of course, we also had other activities. For example, we had workshops, where we collected information and opinions from participants about different topics. (Behavior of good leader, team work in a group of youth etc.,)

Last few days we had an opportunity to present our NGO‘s from our countries.

After work, A FUN – can ‘t be missed!! INTERCULTURAL NIGHT! Two countries in one evening. It‘s not unusual, but this TC had some specialty in the form of theater. Each country should introduce something specific for them. After we played the theatre (Typical Czech Friday night – use your imagination:D ), we presented our country with a few interesting details and than,… with the game BEER PONG, which had a really big success!

Not only hard work, but also some trip we had on this amazing training course. 

We visited the local center for seniors, which touched a few participants. People enjoy life experiences and stories that looked pleased for a visit, and some even very willingly shared their life events. It was a pity that we were unable to return to the center due to the time possibilities, to play guitar and sing with them on the proposal of the participants.

Also, organizers took us to the really nice place – city of Viseu, or to the festival in Fornos de Algodres. 

At the end of this training course all the group presented their projects, which they made during this week and all of them wants to put their project in practice – I ‘m not an exception!

Last, but not least, I ‘d like to tell HUGE thanks to the organizers, which took the best care of us (and which can provide everything in 20 minutes -maybe less..:D), and they were ours “mumy and daddy” through whole week.  

Also, thanks to EYCB, which allows us to participate in these great projects and gives us the opportunity to grow and educate at European level.

I can’t wait for another adventures with EYCB!

Jana Kohoutová


Once Erasmus, always Erasmus. It’s not just a cliché, it’s right sentence for project Guide to Erasmus+ Applications. From 16. to 24. July 2018 were together people from Czechia, Makedonia, Spain, Portugal, Latvian and Romania in Portugal, especially in Maceira – Fornos de Algodres.


The main goal for us was create full project application form for Erasmus + youth exchange or training course. Organizators prepared for us many team buildings activities which helped us to know every each of us. After than we created in separated group project applications.


Thanks to the perfect organization we were able to write step by step in our teams application for a new project. Vasko was really helpful, he told us many information about applications and also from his owm experiences. Every morning he prepared some presentation of new part of application, so everybody knew what to do. Every describrion was really understandable and clean for all of us.


During our nights we had interculture presentations. Every each county which participated in this training course prepared some activities and presentations. Funny fact was that, for every country organizators prepared small surprise. National teams had to create some theatre about some story what organizators prepared. For Czech team it was theatre about Friday night. Our Czech team was really creative and we put into our small show funny stereotypes about us. We prepared also quiz and presentation with traditional food. At the end of our evening everybody played with us our typical games. This kind of evening fun was really useful for every team, because it destroyed stereotypes about our countries and in the end they know, that not everybody in Czech wear socks in sandals.


Considering it all in all, this project had something special in itself. Everything was so amazing and real. Cooperation between nations was wonderful and last day every team presented nice projects. So I hope every team will apply for it and we will see each other in the future. Because as I wrote in the start… Once Erasmus, always Erasmus and somebody should share these amazing experiences.


Thanks a lot EYCB!

Adéla Kalusová

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