Healthy Environment, Healthy Youth — Italy


Erasmus+, Key Action 1: training course

Training course dates: 19—27 October 2022

Advance Planning Visit (APV): 19—22 September 2022

Venue: Tortolì – Arbatax, Italy

National team: Antonie Myslivečková, Nela Rodryčová, Miloslava Macková

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Hosting organisation: Associazione Vele Corsare

Project report:

“Grazie!” This is the word you hear most often in Sardinia because the people are very hospitable and grateful, which I have not experienced anywhere else. Maybe it is due to their religion or the fact that the society is traditionally matriarchal, but these were the topics that could be discussed during the training course entitled “Healthy Environment, Healthy Youth” organized by the Associazione Vele Corsare from 19 to 27 October. The training course dealt with addressing social concepts such as discrimination, acceptance, integration and tolerance in order to make our society a healthier environment. 

Thanks to the perfect preparation of EYCB and Associazione Vele Corsare, the participants were able to enjoy not only the educational but also the cultural part of the project. The educational part was mainly focused on non-formal education, so the participants had the opportunity to discuss, present, and create many projects that developed the theme of the project, thus we learned and expanded our common knowledge together. On the other hand, everything needs balance, so in our free time, the organizers were kind enough to show us around their city to enjoy the beautiful beaches, mountains, and landscape. 

One of the best experiences not only in Sardinia but in all my Erasmus+ experiences was when the organizers surprised us with a performance by one of the local choirs singing traditional Sardinian and Italian songs. More than one of us shed a tear because it was a very authentic and powerful revelation of their culture. In addition, we were able to visit the local Municipality in the nearby larger town of Tortoli. There we had the unique opportunity to learn about local customs, problems, and challenges, as well as future plans and opportunities. This visit was a great culmination of the project theme.

All this, together with the beautiful landscape, views, and beaches, connected the participants through non-formal learning activities. It was truly an unforgettable experience! 

A big THANK YOU to the organizers who put so much energy into the project!

Miloslava Macková

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