Healthy Lifestyle, Sport & Inclusion – Ukraine


 Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training course

Venue: Volosyanka, Karpatian Mountains, Ukraine

Dates: 10 – 19 October 2015

Participants: Veronika Travencová, Dominika Floriánová, Michaela Vondráčková, Martin Kubiš

Group leader: Michaela Švancarová

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Hosting organisationFAIRbund e. V., EU-Projekte

Participating countries: Czech Republic, Italy, Georgia, Belarus, Ukraine, Germany

Project report:

This project, that was focused on Healthy lifestyle, sport & inclusion brought together group of 32 young people to Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains. There were 6 people from Germany, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, 3 people from Italy and 5 people from the Czech Republic. Project took place in Volosyanka, small village approximately 2 hours by train from Lviv and lasted 10 days.

The main goal of the project was to show us the opportunities of how to keep ourselves in a good shape both physically and mentally, in nowadays hectic world. People are under pressure, forget (or do not know at all) about healthy eating habits, lack of physical activity together lead to bad condition, obesity and psychological exhaustion. During various workshops we learned a lot about those particular topics.

We also had presentations about healthy lifestyle done by people from each participating country. During those presentations we could learn something about those countries and usually it was connected with some typical activity for that country, for example dance or game.

First day, after arrival, we had a dinner and then some ice-breaking activities. Thanks to many games that we played during whole week, we got to know each other very fast. At the beginning of the project we discussed our expectations and goals. Usually we had 3 presentations per day – about healthy eating habits, healthy lifestyle in our countries, physical activity and mental health or psychological session; we also did some sports – workout, yoga or games (freesbee, slackline, etc.). After dinner we had intercultural evening, where we could taste something typical and learn something new; sauna; movie night or just relax.

We also spent one day in Carpatian Mountains, it was really nice to spend some time on a fresh air with such a great company! Another trip was to Mukachevo, city close to Slovak border. We had to find a way to castle, where we had a tour. Although it was raining, we had a really good time there. We had the opportunity to see another Ukrainian city.

Since partially the project’s topic was sport, we also had a morning exercise – jogging and stretching. During the week we had some reflection sessions, where was discussed suggestions for improvement of the program and we shared experience and impressions. Last day, we had time for evaluation and we got youth passes.

We spent really amazing 10 days in Carpatian Mountains, I would like to thank a lot all the organizers for such a great project. Everything was perfect. Thanks to many activities we became extraordinary group of young people, who wanted to inspire others and who were open to learn from each other. We had good time, some of us forgot about their everyday problems. We learned a lot, danced a lot, laughed a lot, (drank a lot :D), loved a lot and found a lot of new friends, not just participants, but a real ones! I would like to thank also to EYCB, that allowed me to go on that project! It was AWESOME! Thanks to all!

Martin Kubiš 

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