Improve Your Sustainability Future: Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Skills for the Labor Market — Italy


Program a akce: program ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth Exchange

YE dates: 19-21 October 2018

YE/APV venue: Torre del Greco, Naples, Italy

APV dates: 18-30 November 2018

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Participants:Tereza Homulková, Eliška Maříková, Zuzana Čučková, Hai Nguyen Quang

Group leader: Pavel Vítek (GL)

Hosting organization: Associazione culturale La Fucina dei Saperi 

Participating countries: Greece, Cyprus, Netherlands, Italy, CR, Spain

Project report: 

Bona jurnata a tutti! It was precisely with these words that the sunny city of Napoli, or, if we want to speak more concretely, its part called Torre del Greco, welcomed us as warmely as nobody would expect in the misty month of November. Instead of habitual cold of our own country during that time, we were surrounded by warmth of sunny beaches and it would almost seem that the summer never ends in Southern Italy. Moreover, we had a great opportunity to share our common experiences about this (and not only this) with other participants from many countries, including Netherlands, Cyprus, Greece or Spain.

Our activities, whereamong we could include not only the visit of a fully sustainable and buffalo farm “Buffalat”, where the concept of sustainability itself was fully explained to us, but also various other places, like a famous local university with myriads of different “affreschi”, where the professors of economics with a specialization in our project’s topic were ready to answer all of our questions. Those, whose curiosity regarding the topic wasn’t satisfied yet despite many different lectures and workshops about business and sustainability, could fully enjoy further explananations of historical aims to build a sustainable society in all of its aspects by Bourbon Dynasty, ruling in the Kingdom of Naples, as we visited the chateau of Belvedere.

As far as the project is concerned, I am more than sure that much more memories will remain than the unforgettable taste of local mozzarella, namely, our great possibility to gain new experiences, knowledge and friends, and therefore, I must conclude, that going for an Erasmus+ Project is an amazing experience that I would assuredly recommend to everybody that is currently reading these lines with a wish to meet that person on a next project in future. Ce verimmo!

Pavel Vítek

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