Kinetic Youth-Move to Grow — online


Programme & action: ERASMUS+ Youth, Key Action 1:  training course


  • 24 May 
  • 28 May
  • 31 May
  • 4 June
  • 5 June

Venue: online

Please read the Info-packdaily activities programme

Hosting organisation: Aspira Institute

Participating countries: Romania, Estonia, Greece (2 partners form Greece), Poland, Spain, Hungary, Austria, Lithuania, Italy and Bulgaria

Czech participant: Tereza Veverková

For the project results please see here: “Kinetic youth-move to grow” project results. Complete final report here: Kinetic youth-move to grow report,

Particionts’ project report:

In the middle of our digital time, sport and movement are so important! We hear this phrase so often… As if those two things couldn’t work together… In the Kinetic Youth-Move to Grow training course, both of them go hand in hand… How is that possible? Continue reading!

The course consists of two main parts, online meetings and a platform with pre-recorded videos focused on movement, dance, body awareness, expressing oneself through movement and expressions of the body. The emphasis is placed on group work, practical advice for preparing a dance workshop, whether a one-time or a longer-term course.

In the zoom meetings, we went through the feedback. We discussed what each of us watched during the week, how it makes us feel, which videos captured the attention the most and how to put it into practice. Moreover, we learned how to use the gained experience in preparing the workshop for youth in our surroundings and how to work on increasing kinetic intelligence.

                                                                               Tereza Veverková

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