Make It Rural — Spain


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Partnership Building Activity (PBA)

Venue: Grazalema, Spain

Dates: 6—11 March 2023

Czech team: Vít Votroubek, Milli Bošková

Please read the info-pack.

Hosting organisation: Asociacion Cultural Somos La Otra

Project report:

Project “Make it rural” took place in beautiful city Grazalema in Spain. It’s an area which is well known as “Pueblo Blanco” around the Sierra Grazalema Natural Park.

Project, contact making event, was organized to find contacts and make a partnerships, so main goal was to share information about each organization participated in the project.

First day was a bit funny. We started with walk and talk activity which is one of my favorite activities. Daniel, our trainer, gave us a piece of paper with questions. We walked through the city, talk and observe local area. We also met local people in the city, they were nice, shared their smiles and stopped to say hi and talk a bit. In the afternoon we created papers which represented our organizations.

Second day was more theoretical. We had an opportunity to talk about Erasmus+ projects, how they are split into KA1,KA2 actions, what is a difference between them, what’s the main responsibility of the National agencies, how to proceed with project approval, what are the main differences between national agencies in each country. For me personally was interesting to fill the diagram of my personal goals/ competencies for this project. We set up the goals at the beginning and we evaluated them at the end in our evaluation group.

What I appreciated the most was an excursion with local participants in Grazalema when we had an opportunity to learn more about rural areas in Spain, about the business and work potential of rural areas for young people. They could be involved a lot of activities which are specific for this rural area, for example farming, producing home made products, goat cheeses or liquors.

Third day was more interactive. Main target was to find out the potential of rural areas, collaborate in the teams and talk about advantages/disadvantages of the living in rural areas. Each participants brought their own ideas about the potential of rural areas in their country. We discussed about a lot of ideas, for example there is a lack of infrastructure in rural areas, problematic public transport, no internet connection which could be great for digital detox.

Fourth day was important from my perspective. We split into the teams and our task was to think, discuss about the Erasmus+ project and prepare a basic proposal for the project. We started with a brainstorming, discussed about the ideas and potential name of the project. After that we continued with design process – what type of the projects are we going to work on, time schedule, venue, which countries, how many participants. We decided to write a proposal for training course about topic mental wellbeing. We chose rural area in Croatia and created a detailed program with time schedule. At the end of the day, we presented our project proposals.

We had an opportunity to meet a people from local town hall. The representatives of local town hall came to visit us and say few nice words to us. They also supported our ideas and thoughts about the opportunities in rural areas.

The project was well organized. We learnt a lot, shared an ideas, but what was important for me, was the fact that our project proposal was great and participants from Turkey mentioned that they probably will want to implement it. We inspired them to write similar projects.

Milli Bošková

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