Make Sense of the News — Slovenia


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Salovci, Slovenia

Dates: 24 April—5 May 2023

Czech team: Martin Kotrle (GL), Alexandra Polášková, Kateřina Víchová, Tomáš Piškule, Veronika Bulířová, Filip Šimek 

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Hosting organisation: Association Connect

Project report:

The project called Make Make Shadow of the news took place on 24th – 5th May in Slovenia in the middle of beautiful nature in Šalovci. Six people from each country participated: the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Poland, Spain and four from the host country.

The activities not only outside but also inside, were to prepare us for the influence of the media on us and how to react to it, and to realize that every country has it differently where the resulting thoughts and ideas were presented in groups in front of others. The temperatures were like summer so time was spent outside a lot. Everything was by teamwork method, discussions and warm up activities, inter-cultural nights, non-formal education activities and much more.

During the project we had a lot of free time and because there were more than thirty of us in one house, we were always spending time together, playing our own games and getting to know each other better because there was a basketball and football court, there was no reason not to use it, but most of our free time was spent playing volleyball where we had a lot of fun and it was even more interesting because everyone was from a different country. Also many walks in the local beautiful countryside. There was also a swimming day in the Moravske toplice. Now that we are back home, we know the main thing.

Eleven days in Slovenia passed like water and the parting was really hard. All these experiences are etched in everyone’s memory and we will remember them for a long time.

Filip Šimek

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