Make Your Voice Heard — Armenia


Programme and action: Youth in Action programme, action 3.1. seminar

Venue: Jerevan, Armenia

Dates: 13-20 October 2013

Participants: Miroslav Řezníček, Michal Vyvlečka, Michal Sikora, Andrea Kotnová, Ramona Sanigová, Petra Konečná

Participating countries: Armenia, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany

Project report:

After a long way and changing different time zones we finally arrived to the capital of Armenia – Yerevan! It took me a while to get used to the fact that I cannot read anything and the only language I can use is Russian which I have never learnt. But it doesn’t matter because I am here to participate on a project called “Make your voice heard”. With 5 more Czech people we came for 6 working days to learn about media, active citizenship and social participation. When all the participants from Germany, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Armenia and Poland gathered the project could start. At the beginning we divided into 3 groups and started to work individually to bring some interesting outcomes. Even if we were in separate groups we always found time to make new friends, have fun and taste other cultures especially during the intercultural evening.

My group made a wonderful team very fast. Thanks to our experienced trainer and professional camera we learnt in an interesting way how everything works. Next day we continued to get to know about different shots, perspective and started to shoot our very first movie to bring theory to practice. It was surprising how fast we got to know everything and our first movie was already awesome. And the real shooting started! With an idea we planned everything, wrote a story board and went out to shoot. We had a funny experience with the laws of Armenia about filming outside but we solved everything out without any problem.

To not overwork and have more fun we had an organized trip out of Yerevan to see some of the main attractions of the country. We saw nice monasteries and ended the day in a traditional Armenian restaurant. During a great dinner we could listen to an Armenian music and with full stomachs we were ready for the next day – the editing day. Somebody had it easy, somebody not but everybody came till the end and we could present each other our nice products. Most of the groups made videos, some about women rights or deaf people, some about making your voice heard and some just for fun. Other group made reportage, photo exhibition and article about interesting people from Armenia. Everybody did a good job.

The project itself was great. Thanks to the perfect organization, professional trainers and equipment, nice trip and great team we will not forget our experience in this interesting country where I want to return for sure. Not only we had fun but we learnt a lot and now I feel very motivated to film some new videos as soon as possible!

Ramona Sanigová

You can watch the project video here:

And a short movie created by Petra’s team:

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