Management and Support of Volunteers Working with Marginalised Groups — Croatia


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Selce, Croatia

Dates: 10 – 18 October 2017

Participants: Dominika Lukášová, Cyril Kučera, Zdeněk Kroupa

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Participating countries: Croatia, FYR Macedonia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Italy, Greece

Hosting organisationAssociation for improvement of modern living skills “Realization”

Project report: 

The 9th of octobre group of three czech adventurers started their journey to smalish town Selce which is located near by famous island named Krk in Croatia. Our way there was preatty fast because we were spleeping during that inside the train.

We were looking forward for another countries which we supposed will participate. It was  Croatia, Macedonia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Italy, Greece and there was also one Slovanian girl. Unfornately Bulgaria did not manage to come and some participating nationalities had lower amount of people but still we enjoyed.


Beatiful clean water, fresh air and relatively good weather plus still warm water helped us a lot. Some evenings we just took the guitar and were playing, dancing and singing on the beach.


Me personally discovered chess beach which was super close and chalanged some local and tourist players.

The best food what we ordered almost every evening in our favorite restaurant was somehow made seafood. We really did not care how they will prepaire it. We simply loved it! 


One evening guys luckily caught a big crab so we cooked it and it was really decilicious. Next to accomodation were fotball and basketball pitches so during breaks we played a lot.


In general atmosphere of the place was awesome and right now I feel like the course pushed my thinking a little bit further.

What about workshops, sometimes I felt little bit bored because of not so creative construction but on the other hand after feedbacking sessions they improved it a lot! Actually, it was 1st time on the project where the feedbacking sessions were not wasting of my time. Yea! That´s compliment haha.


18th of that month was our derpature day, so when we finally managed to say goodbyes, we went throught the Bratislava, where we spent one extra day, to Czech republic.


I would like to thank you ladies and gentlemem for the great time and hope we will meet again in the future.

Zdeněk Kroupa

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