My way for making the future — Macedonia


Date: 2-9 October 2012

APV: 14-16 September 2012

Venue: Struga, Macedonia

Pax: Dita Martinková, Iva Musilová, Lenka Linhartová, Marie Mazáková, Emilie Žigová (group leader)

Programme and action: Youth in Action programme, action 3.1.

Project report:

MY WAY FOR MAKING THE FUTURE was an international youth exchange, which included 30 participants from Macedonia, Belgium, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania and the Czech Republic. This project was organized by the host organization SEGA. The project aimed to promote the mobility of young unemployed people, particularly in rural areas. The aim was to obtain an active interest of young people about their future and improve their integration in society.

The main tool of this project was the photograph which talks. Every day of this exchange, we learned about cultural diversities, traditions, ways of work and employability in the rural areas, through photographs which represented our views of rural life. During the youth exchange we participated in variety of intercultural tasks and exercises as well as we worked in mix intercultural teams on group photo exhibition “How can I employ myself in my rural area? For this photo exhibition we invited young people from the local community, who are unemployed and together we shared our experiences and ideas and talked about employment opportunities in rural areas. 

We would very much like to thank the host organization SEGA and home organization EYCB for mediation opportunities to participate in this great project with which we were very satisfied in all areas. For this reason, we recommend to all people who are interested in this project to use it because for us it was a very good experience.

Lenka Linhartová

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