#No Hate Speech — Germany


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Venue: Wuppertal, Germany

Training course dates: 22—30 March 2023

Training course national team size: 4 participants

Advance Planning Visit (APV): 5—8 November 2022. APV participant: František Zeman.

APV report:

Between 5th and 8th of November 2022, I attended Advanced Planning Visit (APV) in Wuppertal, Germany, named “No hate speech”. This short project was hosted by organization Jugendliche für Kultur e.V., also known as YouthX. We were accommodated in double and triple rooms in City Hotel Wuppertal, our meal arrangements varied: we visited a restaurant, got food delivered to the hotel and on the last day, we were given food packages for the journey. In the beginning, everyone presented their sending organization. Later, we were planning longer follow-up projects that will take place in 2023 and 2024 and will be focused on social exclusion, integration and hate speech. The participants attending these projects will be sent by 11 organizations, including the host one, from Germany, Netherlands, Romania, Hungary, Poland, North Macedonia, Greece, Czechia, Lithuania, Italy and Turkey. During the free time, we had the opportunity to discover the city of Wuppertal, which is known mainly for its elevated suspended monorail called “Schwebebahn”.

Please read the info-pack.

Hosting organisation: Jugendliche für Kultur e.V. //YouthX

Project description:

The overall aim of the training is to improve intercultural competences of youth workers for being capable to invent and implement youth work methods and tools on preventing and dealing with online and offline hate speech and hate crime among young people especially towards minorities, including Roma, refugees and migrants’ young people. As youth workers, we have to deal with different culturality young people who experience social exclusion and discrimination based on their cultural background;

  • local young people who is influences by hate speech online and local level through media and family background;
  • young people with refugees background from an absolutely different culture, even still traumatised by their previous life experiences;
  • 2nd generations of refugees kids who don’t belong to the culture of their parents, however don’t find their place in the culture of majority.

It is not all the time easy to handle intercultural challenges, to face with stereotypes and prejudices coming from young people towards each other without really knowing what they are afraid of and why they become more and more xenophobic. Feeling in our skins, we need to improve our youth work competences in related with social exclusion, discrimination, and hate speech in order t o be able offering such types of youth work activities locally and European level where young people with different cultural background can cooperate together and preventing and combating online and local hate speech and hate crime together. As YouthX (DE) organisation we initiated researches and asked from our partners to do the same in order to identify our needs to realise this project.

You are a perfect match if you belong to the following groups!

  • Youth worker 18+ years old
  • Able to understand and communicate in English language
  • Coming from (Germany, Romania, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, North Macedonia, Turkey, Greece, Czech Republic, Lithuania and Italy)
  • Open Minded Youth able to work in a multicultural group
  • Be willing to be filmed throughout the sessions and workshops of the activity

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