Periplus 2.0. – Italy


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Partnership Building Activity

Venue: Lecce, Italy

Dates: 17-24 November 2015 

Participants: Radka Kočvarová, Mária Antalová

Please read the info-pack a daily activities schedule.

Participating countries: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Malta, France, Germany, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Ireland, Finalnd, Sweden and Estonia

Hosting organisation: South Europe Youth Forum (SEYF)

Project report:

Lecce. The city full of amazing people, culture, nightlife and fashion. And of course delicious Italian food. When I firstly heard about the partnership building activity Periplus 2.0 in an Italian city called Lecce I did not hesitate and applied for it. And if it was worth it? For sure!

So, here we are. November 17th. We, participants from many countries such as Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Estonia, Lithuania, Malta, Italy, Finland, the UK and of course the Czech Republic gathered in this magical city to work together in order to maintain the future cooperation. First days of this week were about getting to know each other, about different teambuildings and trust activities and also there was one activity thanks to which we could recognize the city and the culture better. We were enjoying the real Italian coffee, food, ice cream and had the opportunity to visit the city of Otranto. Swimming in this season of the year is usually very rare. But some of our brave participants did it. In the evening or at lunch time there was always an intercultural lunch/night, when each country brought something typical for their country, either to eat or drink.

We were talking about the opportunities for young people in our country, about our personal experience and played diverse games which had to develop our thinking and group work. We (2 participants from the Czech Republic) were proudly representing our organisation, which sent us there and with the rest we were trying to come up with different youth projects. That was practically the main point of the whole week. Firstly, we made 5 teams and each team had to create a concept of a possible youth project – there were 5 areas as well – culture & art, sports, education, environmental issues, human rights. So, for example in my team (we had culture & art area) we agreed on a youth project for young people, which would take place in Bulgaria.  It should be some kind of a flash mob that means that the “product” of this project should be a one-day performance in the streets of a city. The other group created a concept of a project in a Finish farm, which should aim to environmental thinking and should make the youngsters to feel more responsible for the environmental issues. Next, it was a project in Ireland or in Spain (a cooperation with a university in Murcia).  All of them were just the concepts and the participants should inform us as soon as possible if the cooperation is real or not. At the end the organizators created a mobile application which should connect us for the future projects.

We spent an amazing week there, had the opportunity to see another culture and made many friendships. We really appreciate it, big thanks to all organizators and to EYCB! 

 Mária Antalová

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