Practical Ecology – France


Programme & action: Youth in Action, 4.3.

Venue: Bédeille, near Toulouse, France

Dates: 15-25 July

Participants: Markéta Lopraisová, Marcela Pinterová, Ondřej Beneš, Markéta Stonová, Jan Dvorský

Please read the project booklet.

Project report:

Project Practical Ecology located near Toulouse, main city of Midi Pyrenee region. About one hour of travel from the city in small village called Bedeille.

Attended there groups from Portugal, Slovenia, Romania, Czech Republic and France. The project was focused on ecology and practical use in daily life.

Project was great scheduled. Communication with organizers was great and arrival and departure was not a problem. The accommodation was in tents and in small house with central office. Ecology theme, underscored the use of dry toilets and recycling trash.

We was devided on small groupe and each group worked on their own project. For example: building a dry toilet, clay ovens, realize economical wood cookers,recycling workshop (making stuff from old stuff 🙂 ) and so on.

During project we visited bio farm with big green house, pottery factory, town market in St. Girons, share garden in Toulouse and the center of Toulouse with a lot of monuments.

The project was realy good, we are sending many thanks to organizers and thanks EYCB that ve can visited this project.

Marcela Pinterová

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