Raise Your Voice to Youth Extreme Behaviours — Greece


Programme Erasmus+ Youth, Key Action 1 youth exchange

Venue: Thessaloniki, Greece

Dates: 26 September—2 October 2021

National team size: 4

Please read the info-pack & daily activities programme.

Participating countries: Greece, Turkey, Romania, Czech Republic, Netherlands

Hosting organisation: Fifty-Fifty

Project description:

Young people are an important focus in the prevention of radicalisation as they can be a very vulnerable group. Some particularly vulnerable are difficult to reach. Youth workers working with young people in social settings should be involved, to detect early signs of radicalisation & to offer alternatives. They can also be positive role models or mentors.

After a discussion about the consequence of migration in our countries we started analysing the growing issues of radicalism & terrorism, as outcomes of nationalism and extremism that more & more young people are following. It is a fact that reasons for displacement can be diverse (poverty, social or political exclusion, war, studying or working abroad), but the outcome is the same: migration is followed by concrete advantages & disadvantages that have to be explored & analysed without creating stereotypes and radicalization.

Policy issues in the contemporary Europe are related with migration, & without active & positive input of civic society the migration challenges can be developing dramatically. Rising sympathy of young people towards radical groups becomes more & more disturbing especially in the context of current political discourse on migration & social rights.

We are witnessing that the values of human rights, tolerance & democracy are being challenged by young people, our societies & by public representatives & authorities. While radicalisation is not a new phenomenon, trends, means & patterns evolved. Moreover, the short-term impacts of COVID19 on radicalisation & violen extremism are complex: the social distancing & restrictions of day to day activities and other responses to the pandemic have been seized on by radical
ideologues to validate their world views. We decided to write this project to raise awareness about the role of YW against youth radicalization.

The aim of the project is to equip youth workers (YW) with knowledge, competences & tools that allow them to prevent youth extreme behaviour, to be aware when young people cut off bonds with their social groups and learn how to identify the signals and assess them correctly. YWs will acquire new knowledge regarding radicalization, youth inclusion & exclusion, social cohesion, intercultural dialogue, and conflict management. We will create a space for YWs to meet and inspire each other, to develop their ability to contact and understand other people of a different culture.

The main objectives of RiVeR are:

  • Exploring the concept of youth radicalisation, its forms and manifestations, and how YWs can have a role in its prevention,
  • Understanding the origins and the background of terrorism and radicalism and their influence on young people consciousness,
  • Analysing how social media play significant roles in radicalizing youth,
  • Developing YWs’ competences necessary to deal with the issue of radicalization and terrorism,
  • Identifying and apply conflict management techniques,
  • Using efficient communication methods to overcome communication barriers,
  • Working off a common “Action Plan” on prevention of radicalization with a special focus to youth, affected asylum seekers, crisis and conflicts,
  • Increasing participants’ understanding regarding the role of youth work in preventing violent radicalisation and in supporting young people’s resilience and empowerment,
  • Exchanging of good practices and tools from different countries,
  • Start a collaboration that could be a base of a KA2 project where partners explore the needs, common points and think on the creation of a YWs platform to support their works.

Participants’ profile:

Participants of the “Raise Your Voice to Youth Extreme Behaviours” project can be identified as:
✓ 20 youth workers and leaders (4 per partner),
✓ aged 18+, without age limit,
✓ involved in working preferably with disadvantaged youth categories,
✓ youth workers motivated to improve their personal and professional competences as social operators specialized in promoting tolerance and awareness about youth issues and challenges,
✓ youth workers who are promoting intercultural dialogue and cultural diversity.The selection criteria of participants are:
✓ Interest in social issues and at the same time at the use of visual communication tools such as photography and video and an internal investigation interest
✓ Facing fewer opportunities in terms of cultural differences, migrants and social barriers
✓ In equally good evaluated applications, then the previous experience in such kind of projects will be taken into account – the participants who have never participated to an Erasmus+ project will have priority to the ones that have already been to be introduced to the European values and develop a sense of European citizenship and identity and also have the opportunity to raise their awareness of other countries and cultures.


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