Raise Your Voice to Youth Extreme Behaviours — Greece


Programme Erasmus+ Youth, Key Action 1 youth exchange

Venue: Thessaloniki, Greece

Dates: 26 September—2 October 2021

Please read the info-pack & daily activities programme.

Participating countries: Greece, Turkey, Romania, Czech Republic, Netherlands

Hosting organisation: Fifty-Fifty

Czech team: Lucie Dušková, Zdeňka Jarošová

Project report:

From September 26th to October 2nd, a youth exchange called “Raise Your Voice to Youth  Extreme Behaviours” took place in the heart of the Greek second-largest city Thessaloniki. As two girls  only, we represented Czechia bravely and enjoyed the project with other eleven participants from  Greece, Turkey, Romania, and the Netherlands.  

Our journey began on the 26th of September itself with a direct flight from Prague. During the  exchange, we were accommodated in a hostel right in the city centre which allowed us to enjoy life in  Thessaloniki to the fullest.  

The most important tasks of this project were to acquaint the participants with the issues of  extremism and radicalism, to analyse the importance of social media and internet within the  radicalization of youth, to explore efficient methods of communications to overcome any possible  barriers and to seek possible solutions and precautions to prevent such an extreme behaviour. After  icebreaker activities and get-to-know-you games, we were discussing the concepts of radicalism and  extremism in our countries and worldwide as well, we showed examples of such actions, we role played different possible scenarios to demonstrate good practices, we watched videos with experts  speaking about the topic etc.  

Spending free time together, sharing customs, showing national traditions, and getting to  know each other are also important parts of youth exchanges. Amazing organizers Fenia and Lisa  prepared for us several dinners in various traditional Greek restaurants where we could taste typical  local specialities such as moussaka, souvlaki, or Greek spirit ‘ouzo’ (which tastes due to anise exactly  like our well-known Hašlerky). We also had enough free time to explore more or less famous spots in  Thessaloniki itself.  

Although we only spent one week together, we created an inexhaustible number of memories  and strong mutual bonds. Many of us have promised to each other that these were definitely not our  last moments together. Thanks to all the organizers from the Greek and Czech side. 


                                                                                                               Lucie Dušková


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