Raising Quality of Youth Work by Empowering Youth Workers — Turkey


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Ankara, Turkey

Dates: 5-12 May 2019

Participants: Zita Kučerová, Martina Kyselá

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Hosting organisation: Association of Academicians Union

Participating countries: Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Romania, Portugal, Greece, Hungary, Czech Republic, Lithuania, and Turkey

Project report: 

Selam, from Turkey.

Welcome in country which has a two part of continent. One is Europa and the other is Asia.

Me and Zita girl from our Czech group was in Turkey on the project Raising Quality of Youth Work by Empowering Youth Workers in Ankara.

I met Zita in the first time in Istanbul and together we arrived to Ankara when one guy from local organization pick up us on the Airport with other members from our project.

Our hotel was located near centre of Ankara. We had very beautiful hotel with view on the mosque.

Firstly we had many activities how to more know each other.

We was talking about youth workers and volunteers. How to get more information about this topic and where you can found some information.

The second day we had interculural night where we presented our local products like cheese, sausages, cookies, bitter liquor and more others. It was really amazing night.

Others days we had daily program and did many activities.

Everyday we worked with our lecture Orhan, which was really kind and so  the most funny guy which I met in Turkey.

He knew many information about topic and knew how to work with people, everything was so amazing.

One day we had free afternoon and we spend time in Ankara center. We were often going to Shisha bar and make a fun together. 

Last day we were talking about what we will learn people in our country when we come at home. How we will do it and why. I think it was really special and I never forget so nice and amazing project.

Considering it all in all, this project had something special in itself. Everything was so calm, pretty and amazing, like somewhere in the dream.

I hope I will met again all people from this project.

Thank you our sending organization for support.

Martina Kyselá

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