Roadmap 4 Career – Turkey


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Ankara, Turkey

Dates: 2-8 December 2015

Participants: Fabian Byrtus, Ingrid Švinderová, Iveta Maturová, Magdalena Matýsková

Group leader: Jakub Skála

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Participating countries: Turkey, Czech Republic, Serbia, Albania, Romania, Estonia, Hungary

Hosting organisationKaryon

Project report: 

Project Road Map 4 Career took place in Ankara, Turkey in city center called Kizilay. The whole programme was based on cooperation youthworkers from  organizations KARYON and DOMINO. The main aim was target to participants future career. The programme was mostly loose, non of activities was 100% mandatory. We had a great chance to explore the city of Ankara with its beautiful sightseeings (mountains are all over the place, you can use cableway to reach higher point to see everything from different perspective). On the other hand we got useful advices from workshops with local university professors on topics – how to “survive” job interview or how to properly write CV. We can say we are now better prepared for our future career planning. Also we gained useful information about possibilities of applying in variety of jobs by EU provided. Frankly, the most interesting part of the project was sharing our own experiences across the job markets in eu and in partners countries (educational system differences included). So far, Im glad I can be a citizen of EU with all the benefits which come with it. Pour conclure – we definitelly gained a positive attitude towards Turkey and Turkish culture. We have much more in common then we think and all the differences can be easily overcomed.

Jakub Skála

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