Searching for Blood — Turkey


When: 13-19 July 2012

Venue: Kars, Turkey

No of pax: 6+1 GL

Age limit: 18-25 years

Project report:

Name of the project was “Searching for blood”. The project took place in Kars, city in the east of Turkey. The participants were from the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Turkey, from each country there were 7 people. But Lithuanians came 2 days later, so we didnt have many chances to meet each other.
Every day we started with energizers and then one of participating country has seminar about first aid (ABC, Burn and bleeding, blood donation,…). Our group prepared seminar about first aid- fracture, twist and dislocation. We also had practical show.
In the evenings were cultural nights of one or two countries. People presents their country, cities, prepared quiz to check our knowledges about the country and then we could taste some of their typical food, sweets or drinks.
The last day we have sigthseeing in Kars. We visited 2 moques and the castle after that we went to Ani- ruins of medieval city on Turkish-Armenian border.
All our group enjoyed this project as well and met new side of Turkey. And we are reall glad for that. We met many interesting and nice people and we hope to see them once more in the future.

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