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Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Great Yarmouth, United Kingdom

Dates: 10-19 March 2016

Participants: Nikola Dvořáková, Ingrid Šviderová, Michal Skopal, Tereza Holanová

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Participating countries: UK, Estonia, Turkey, Czech Rep, Slovakia, Croatia, Sweden and Spain

Participant’s fee:  €50

Hosting organisation:  Environment Development Association

Project report:

4 people from Czech Republic came to Great Yarmouth with other participants from Spain, Estonia, Croatia, Slovakia, Sweden and Turkey. Great Yarmouth is a small English town, the life here is calm and you can hear there a whisper of an ocean.

Our training course should have informed us about working with different target groups and intercultural learning. But actually, because of a lack of organization of the whole project, it learnt us more to patiently wait and to be flexible because of everyday changes of our program.

First few days, we actually didn’t know who our organizers are. They didn’t appear on the venue, they did not supply us with needed equipment. They also did not provide regular delivery of food for us, so we ate fast food every day.

We realized that we cannot be passive and just complain. We tried to speak with organizers, improve our situation and help our trainer Janar Eismman from Estonia. Big thanks to him, because he tried to do his best and he prepared for us very interesting sessions, for example we played psychological games, talked about stereotypes, prejudices. One of our sessions was aimed on public speaking. We chose different topics and had to talk about it one minute without preparation. Then we got feedback from our trainer and more experienced participants.

One day, we visited local library. There was a group of dancers, which prepared for us dancing exhibition.

Three of our nights were dedicated to presentation of our countries. All participants prepared it really well, so we learnt national songs, dances and heard lot of interesting facts. We showed our country not just as a beer nation, but also talked about our inventions, our mentality and sung a song from Jaromír Nohavica.

And improvements really came! Last three days, we ate delicious meals in a hotel. We even got some snacks for coffee breaks.

Our final outcome should have been presentation of Erasmus+ and non-formal education in local schools. We were prepared to present it, but few hours before, they cancelled it. We took ukulele, volleyball with us, and went to the beach instead of schools. It was beautiful day, we forgot all our problems and just enjoyed present moment and time together.

Our international group was really unforgettable. There were interesting, open-minded people. More experienced participants helped with program, we were often together in our free time, talked, shared our ideas, experiences, played games, sang a songs and had fun.

You can see a video from our project. Interesting is, that we made all sound for this video:

I have to say thank you to our sending organization EYCB Břeclav. It is amazing, what you are doing for young people!

Ingrid Šviderová

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