Smart Up Inclusion — France


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Lille, France

Dates: 5-13 September 2019

Participants: Martin Zeman, Zita Kučerová, Martin Kraus

Host organisation: Sunrise Project

Please read the info-pack and offical launch article.

Participating countries: France, Greece, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Lithuania, Republic of North Macedonia, Romania, Turkey, Poland, Spain

Please see the follow up activities article here.

Project report: 

I had the privilege to travel with the rest of the Czech group to northern France (Roubaix close to Lille) with 2 other Czech participants on the 5th of September of 2019. Each country had 3 representatives of various age groups with relevant experience in the field of social inclusion which resulted in productive dynamics within the working group.

The organizers Eluna, Simona, Larisa and Ragnar prepared interesting activities that were suitably designed. The project had clear pathway and objective. We went through various range of activities that helped us identify main challenges that youth workers face in the context of social inclusion and helped us develop tools that the participants will hopefully be able to apply in their respective communities. We presented our results during the project, discussed found out results and developed our language skills throughout the process.

The project was fascinating and beneficial in multiple aspects. Despite that I feel that some activities, especially at the beginning of the project, were too theoretical and failed to apply presented information into practice. Moreover, it needs to be said that evening activities nor restaurant showed us anything from the French culture which I found rather disappointing. On the other hand, Roubaix is conveniently situated in northern France thus we were able to travel to Lille, Brussels or gorgeous Bruges which really made the trip worth it on its own.

To sum it up, this project got together inspiring group of individuals that were dealing with social inclusion issues in an international working group. We cooperated and conclusively identified problems, tools and solutions that youth workers face with respect to national specifics.

In the end, I want to thank EYCB for sending the Czech team to this project. It allowed us to broaden our perspective on the social inclusion matter, develop our international communication and working skills and meet numerous inspiring individuals in the process.

In Brno 29.9.2019                                                                                           

Martin Kraus

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