Smile Healthily — Turkey


Programme & action: Youth in Action programme, action 3.1.

Dates: 1-7 June 2013

Venue: Izmir, Turkey

Pax: Eliška Žáková, Jan Ježek, Michaela Martincová, Jakub Sutorý, Pavel Sládek

Project report:

The project Smile Healthily was situated in the part of turkish city Izmir – Menemen. The project was focused on healthy lifestyle, including sport activities, and also also on preventing from the prejudices which ususally occurs when meeting different cultures.

As to the  czech team – in my opinion was our team great with similar sense of humour and positive way of thinking. All the other participants were also very friendly and easy-going, we all made new friends there. Participants were from the huge range of countries – Spain, Armenia, Ukraine, Russia, and Poland. I consider these selected countries as a good choice of organizers, as we could discuss and feel the differences between foreign countries very well.

According to me the aim of the project came up to its expectations. Although we did not go through all the scheduled activities, turkish organizers were always very helpful and ready to solve arised problems. The main difficulty of the project was that most of the organizers could not speak English, so the communication was sometimes really hard. Excluding this, I really enjoyed the project and I’m very happy that I was chosen to participate in it. We came to Turkey in its very tough time which paradoxicaly even increased my interest in this country. I realized that turkish people are really open, helpful and in some way also brave and ready to defend their wants.

I think that both groups – participants and organizers as well – learnt and realized lot of new things thanks to this project. I evaluate this project very positively and I hope I will have a chance to go some other project soon.

Michaela Martincová

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