SOULFUL: A Path to Embrace Your Inner Child — Austria


ERASMUS+, Key action 1: training course

Venue: Klaffer/Hochficht, Austria

Dates: 24—31 March 2024

Czech team: 3 participants.

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Hosting organisation: Österreichische Kinderfreunde,

Project report:

At the end of March our three-member Czech group went to the north of Austria for a project on Jung’s psychology. The aim was to find our inner child and understand how to work with it in the context of youth work.

We stayed in a family guesthouse on a farm. We each had rooms for three with private bathrooms and a view of the mountains. On arrival we were given dinner, always having the choice of a meat or non-meat meal.

On the first morning we had a team building where we met 20 other participants and our trainer Laris, who has been coming to Klaffer to teach for over 20 years. In the afternoon, we were introduced to the topic of transactional analysis and were introduced to concepts like Inner voices and explored where our doubts come from.

The second day started with theory, we were told more about life positions, transactional analysis and introduced to names like Eric Berne. In the next part of the program, we did theater in groups where we could let our imagination run wild and combine what we learned in the morning with creativity. In the afternoon we continued in the creative spirit, as we created poems and then recited them in a creative way.

In the evening, the first intercultural night took place, when our Czech team presented Kolonády, Kofila, perníčky, Zelená, Becherovka and other well-known Czech delicacies. We also taught Mazurka, which quickly became a popular dance.

On the third day, we focused on creative writing and perceiving photographs through different perspectives.

The afternoon was followed by a deep topic where we practiced positive gossiping, the practice of giving and most importantly receiving positive feedback.

The fourth day was dedicated to games, which served as another practice of getting closer to our inner child. We reminisced about the games we loved in our childhood and then played with the bubble blower, played chairs, searched for colors and sent out our soldiers. After lunch, we went to the nearby Museum of Illusions where we tried out all the interactive exhibits and learned lots of new information from our guide.

On the penultimate day we had a whole day to create a show as a team. We staged our entire week at Klaffer and ended it with a touching dance, telling our trainer how happy we are to meet her and how much she taught us.

The last day was in a similar vein. We gave each other feedback and everyone agreed that we were an incredible fit as a group, and that we had learned an incredible amount during the week.

Thank you so much to EYCB for allowing us to have such a powerful and special experience, to meet new people and to learn about ourselves as well.

Zuzana Z.

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