Stop Bullying – Romania


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth exchange

Venue: Aninoasa, Dambovita, Romania

YE dates: 8-17 August 2021

Participants: 4+1GL

Host organisation:  Asociația Be You

Participating countries: Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Turkey

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Project report:

Together with other participants from Romania, Slovakia and Turkey, we spent 10 days in Aninoasa, Romania. So a total of 24 of us met on the project with the topic Stop Bullying. August 8 was the day of arrival and the program therefore started from the next day. In the morning and afternoon programs, we mainly dealt with topics related to bullying and we worked in groups by country, but also in mixed groups. The evening program was organized mainly by participants, for example during intercultural night and socializing night. In the project, we discussed the types of bullying, cyberbullying, but also things related to bullying. For example, human rights and differences in education and training in our home countries. So everyone could tell the others the situation in their country and at the same time learn more about other countries.

Thanks to an intercultural night, a visit to the Monastery Church and a city game in Targoviste, we had the opportunity to get to know Romania a little closer.

On behalf of the entire Czech team, I would like to thank EYCB very much for the opportunity to participate in this project. We appreciate it a lot! 

                                                                                                        Lucie Černá



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