Tree Spirit – Latvia


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Rites, Latvia

Dates: 18 – 26 June 2017

Participants: Kateřina Paulišová, Jakub Klíma, David Raus

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Hosting organisation: Adventure Spirit

Participating organisations: Romania, Denmark, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Latvia


” Society is an artifact. We are born into the society of ours

Ancestors, with all its flaws. But we are not forced to

Replicate it. We become freer the more we design and fashion

The world we inhabit. It is a collaborative task and it is a

Matter of active co-creation. ”

Peter Levine, Psychologist

Project report:

At the train station in a small city Kegums was a red-curly haired girl in green dress waiting for us. She looked like she has just stoped dancing in the forest with other fairies. Later I realized she is one of our trainers.

„Are you prepared for an adventure?“ she asked us. „For sure, we are.“ „So, put all your stuff to the car, take a buzola and a map and see you soon at a marked point here.“ She pointed to the map. „Good luck and have fun.“ „How far is it?“ Somebody of the group asked her. „Just 3 hours to walk.“ „OK, let’s go!“

The reality was slightly different. We were walking through the forest sometimes by the path, sometimes out of the path, sometimes with some wild dogs. We were lost. Finally, after 5 hours of walking we came to our final destination – to our playground for next 8 days. We were in a magical Rites. The Rites area was wonderful. The perfect place for the rest of body and mind. A wooden old cabine, cultivated wild garden, a pond, a field of varied meadow flowers, the birches, the spruces, the oaks, the forest. Our soul flooded a wave of feeling as in childhood. Magical.

The whole week had a nice flow of activities. We had enough time for thinking about our feelings, share our opinions and feelings with others, cooperate in a group, building the group as a team.

The trainers were there for us to help us to break our limits, step out of our comfort zone, to push ourself.

During the training course we have fulfilled our dream of childhood – buiding the treehouse. Finally, there was nobody who said „No, it is not possible. We cannot do it by own. We will build a treehouse next summer. When it is a time. When we will know a method how build it. When you get up. When you will have your own children, then you can build a treehouse for them… No, just do it! Try it! If it is not good, try it again!“

That’s was the best experimental learning method what we could have!

That was as a return to childhood. GO and TRY!

                                                                                                                                                                                     Kateřina Paulišová


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