Trusty Clowns — France


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Venue: Bédeille, France

Dates: 13—28 August 2023

Czech team: 4 youth workers

Please read the info-pack, project description and daily activities programme

Hosting organisation: SolAfrika

Project description:


The main objectives of this training course is to train social workers to use artistic expressive workshop with their target groups by: 

  1. Being able to play in front of an audience
  2. To propose a theatrical play to a group
  3. Being able, to make a target group live an artistic and expressive experience

The two projects “Act ForWords I and II” have been successes. In the last one, we figured out that Clowning and improvising are two really worthy tools to increase self confidence, self knowledge, group dynamic and living together. This values are for us, in Solafrika, the basic of a good living together in our societies and in Europe. That’s why we want to promote these values and knowledges through clowning and improvisational theater. 

 This TC pursue other goals such as: 

  • Promoting a more healthy way of living by an healthy, organic diet. 
  • Encourage critical thinking and being active in a group dynamic. 


We plan to use participative methods. Participants will be active and involved in any task from daily life. We will also use non formal education tools to promote a group dynamic and in the workshops proposed. Therefore everyone should be able to develop their critical mind, their analysis sense and share their opinion with others. By this way we will promote each skill and knowledge we will gain during the training course. 

We promote non formal and informal learning, most of the workshop are gonna be practical, along with the theory necessary to understand the basics.

PROGRAMME: Concerning the activities, so far, there will be:  

The group is gonna be divided in two. Each is gonna go through improvisational theater, and clown. Both groups will have together sessions to learn how to build a workshop with these tools.

We will put in practice the knowledge gained with local target groups.


The Training course will last 16 days at Bédeille (09230 – South-West of France), in the old farm we own and we renovate with youth. There will be around 25 participants.  

The TC will take place from the 13th to the 28th of August 2023. Participants should arrive at 3.30pm on the 13th, at Cazères sur Garonne’s train station. Their flights back (on the 28th August) should be (the earliest) departing at 1pm from Toulouse airport.

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