Linguistic-Verbal Intelligence in Youth Work — Slovenia


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Venue: Trbovlje, Slovenia

Dates: 23—29 October 2023

Czech team: 2 participants

Hosting organisation: Aspira

Project report:

Let me tell you few words about training course I had chance to be part of. I took place in Slovenian city called Trbovlje, where we have spent 7 days, travelling included, and focused on verbal and linguistic intelligence.

There were many different nationalities and usually around 2 people form each country, which made nice and diverse group. Facilitators from Aspira organization took us through several days fool of activities and workshops. After we got to know each other a bit we started to focus on topics like personal needs and feelings, we talked about empathy, and it all led towards the topic of communication and social interactions. We tried to analyse interactions or triggering situations from our lives by using different tool and methods.

In hour free time, we could chat, share, play or sing together in a great common area. One of the nights was about intercultural sharing where every nationality presented a little bit of their tradition, cuisine or any other uniqueness.

We finished the course by the trip to capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, and enjoyed last moments together in a group of new friends while sightseeing in this pretty city.

So many things can happen is such a short time. Not just the information we got from the workshops are so valuable in our lives.


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