Video as a Collaborative Experience — France


Progamme and action: Youth in Action programme, action 4.3. training course

Venue: Aiguilles-en-Queyras, France

Date: 13-22 May 2013

Participants: Barbora Dokopilová, Šárka Košťálová, Martina Vyplašilová

Project report:

32 people from many different countries staying in a small village in the middle of the French Alps. Sorrounded by beautiful nature, nice people and a lot of cameras. Thats how I can describe two wonderful weeks in two sentences.

This project called ”Video as a Collaborative Experience” was held in a French village Aiguilles-en-Queyras, lying near the borders with Italy. And what did we do? The organizors thaught us how to use cameras, editing program, how to make video in general. We were doing it by our own, mostly in small groups. How the days were going, we could do more and more, and in the end we could screen our own films.

To sum up this project – it was not only about filming, but also about learning new things about new countries and people. Because where else you can drink Romanian drinks with bunch of people from different nations all night? 🙂

Šárka Košťálová

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